Better Days Ahead

Better Days Ahead

13-OCT-2020 Tuesday – Pleasant Creek Recreational Area, Belleve, IA (~UMR mile 553) to Rock River, Rock Island, IL (~UMR mile 479)       64.3 nautical miles (74.0 statute miles)

41°28’56.6″N 90°36’52.0″W
41.482390, -90.614445
Elevation: 550 feet
Total Elevation Change: -40 feet

Locks (3)
Mississippi River Lock 13 – mile 522, above Fulton, IL and Clinton, IA
Mississippi River Lock 14 – mile 493, LeClaire, IA
Mississippi River Lock 15 – mile 483, Rock Island, IL and Davenport, IA

States (2)
Iowa, Illinois

Good Morning!

Sometime during the night the wind died down and we awoke to beautiful calm, but nippy morning.

How did I miss it? Yesterday was Columbus Day (I prefer Indigenous People Day) and also known as Thanksgiving by our Canadian friends. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Better Days Ahead

Beautiful sun rise but it was a tough morning. We awoke to a train and ate the last 2 pieces of the crack bread

Today was brutal. Straight into the sun all day long. All the wind blowing south yesterday turned around and blew north today. We had 2-3 foot wave coming at us for part of the day. The combination of wind and waves was strong enough to send spray into the upper helm. It’s a stinking river! Not a lake! Where did these waves come from! Dale got cranky. He hates the wind.

Mary got cranky. The last sound of the day was a train.

Along the Way

End of summer for acres of aquatic plants (water lilies?) at season end near Gomers Lake statue mile  527.

Now that the weekend is over we’ve pretty much had the river to ourselves except for the commercial traffic.

Judging from the houses along the river, Pool 13 must flood frequently. They are all on stilts.

Camanche, IA river scaping

Parts of today’s section of the Mississippi River was industrial. Too uninteresting for pictures. I did take one…

They are building a new bridge Moline, IA. They were working on the first span in 2019 when we came through  Wonder if they are working today due to the high winds. 

Davenport IA. Childhood home of our out good friend Red Gallagher

Good Night

LOL. We are coincidentally in the same anchorage we were when we returned to Minnesota from out Gold Loop (2018/2019) Aug 29, 2019 Thursday.

I’m thankful that the wind finally laid down around 8:00pm.


Wow. Davenport is a historically happening spot. Here’s a few ditties.

Between Davenport and Rock Island is Arsenal Island, which houses the Rock Island Arsenal, the largest government-owned weapons manufacturer in the entire United States.

Walt Disney applied for his first job in Davenport, IA… he was turned down.

Davenport is the birthplace of Chiropractic. B.J. Palmer, founder of Chiropractics, performed the first spinal adjustment on September 10, 1895.

Cigar manufacturing was the major industry to employ women workers at the turn-of-the-century in Davenport

Vermont born blacksmith, John Deere, began making his self- scouringsteel plows in Moline in 1847. He was soon producing 1,000 plows annually.

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