At least the boat got washed

At least the boat got washed

12-OCT-2020 Monday – Jack Oak Island, Cassville, WI (~UMR mile 606) to Pleasant Creek Recreational Area, Belleve, IA (~UMR mile 553)   71 nautical miles (81.7 statute)

42°12’52.5″N 90°22’45.3″W
42.214571, -90.379259
Elevation: 590 feet
Total Elevation Change: -18 feet

Locks (2)
Mississippi River Lock 11 – mile 583, Dubuque, IA
Mississippi River Lock 12 – mile 557, Bellevue, IA

States (3)
Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois

Good Morning!

Today was one of those lay around in bed days. Rain. At least the outside the boat is getting washed. If it was a touch warmer I’d be out there with boat soap and a brush.

At 8:30am I listened to the 4th train within 20 minutes. I only know this because I was making coffee and breakfast at the time. I should have counted all of the ones that woke me up last night. 

As far as trains go size doesn’t matter. The all blow their horns as they rumble thunder past. It must drive these people crazy!!!!!!!

Other neighbors

About 10:30am we pulled anchor. Enough of sitting around!

Along the Way

Over taking the Mississippi Princess, real paddle wheel propulsion.  She’s a privately owned boat.

We used all our locking skills today at Lock 11 in Dubuque IA.  

The Lock Master said the wind was at 25 mph sustaining with gust up to 35 mph.  He judged the wave height at the lock entrance at 2.5 to 3 feet.  As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, the lock’s working tug was in the lock with us. Rather than tying the tug to the wall like we do, the tug pushed its front into the wall and left its transmissions in forward gear. This add more churn and additional turbulence to our entry and descent.

Dale called the Port of Dubuque Marina a week ago and was told water level at the flood gate was one to two feet. Today when Dale called they said it was about 7 feet at gate.

We are getting to the end of the bluff country.

There are lots of barges along the shoreline. I can’t quite figure out how they are secured.

We free floated through Lock 12. Both Dale and I dislike free floating and prefer being tied off. The lock didn’t give us a choice. I think we either interrupted supper or a card game. I fendered both sides of the boat just incase they were also going to drop the water fast. There was also enough wind to really keep us on our toes.

New construction in Bellevue. It will be interesting to see how it turns out on our return trip.

But of course! Minutes after we set anchor the first of many trains rolled by.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why does the Mississippi River flow south out of Minnesota?
Because Iowa sucks!

Why does all the corn in Nebraska lean east?
Because Iowa sucks!

(Sorry Iowa. I know this isn’t true. I just had to do.)

What does IOWA stand for?

How do you know it’s Prom season in Iowa?
There are 10 tractors in every McDonalds parking lot

Did you hear about the Iowa farmer who only wore one boot in the winter?
He heard there was a 50% chance of snow!

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