Day 3 and still on the Way

Day 3 and still on the Way

11-OCT-2020 Sunday – Taylor Island, La Crosse, WI (~UMR mile 699)  to Jack Oak Island, Cassville, WI (~UMR mile 606)     93 nautical miles (107 statute)

42°42’16.9″N 90°58’35.7″W
42.704683, -90.976589
Elevation: 608 feet
Total Elevation Change: -23 feet

Locks (3)
Mississippi River Lock 8 – mile 679, Genoa, WI
Mississippi River Lock 9 – mile 648, Lynxville, WI and Harpers Ferry, IA
Mississippi River Lock 10 – mile 615, Guttenberg, IA

States (3) – Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa

Good Morning

We’re quickly settling into nomadic boat life. We got up at 7:30am, which is a good two hours earlier than we are used to getting up. It’s 44 degrees. Even with my shoes and socks on my feet are cold! We need to head south.

Along the Way

Lawrence Lake Marina residential houseboats

Not quite Florida standards but pretty good for Minnesota. Some developer must have bought this sand dredge island for a good price then had a hay day building and selling houses and docks.

If you’re a deck hand you gotta wash the boat. I’M NOT A DECK HAND! (The outside of yes dear… really needs a good cleaning.  It’s too cold today.)

We are getting to be regular river rats; passing barges in narrow bends, locking, anchoring out between wing dams. We also understand the deep southern drawls on the tow captains.

One thing nice about low water levels is that there hasn’t been any logs or sticks in the river to avoid. The river’s been pretty clean.

Houseboat up on plain. I’m surprised there isn’t a water skier behind it. Paul??????

The houseboat is probably a rental from Lansing, IA. We witnessed another houseboat take quite a beating up river trying to catch lines in a lock. Bet that was a rental too.

Check out these patio decks on rails.

Isle of Capri Marina

Point Ann State Park, Mc Gregor State Park and Pikes Peak State Park

Iowa. The Land of Riverside Grain Elevators

And an old mine of some kind. I wonder how long this has been around.

Caseville, WI was supposed to have three free 50 foot courtesy transient slips per our charts and books. We ran pretty late into the dark to score a free dock.

No such luck. It didn’t. We suspect they had already been pulled for winter.

It did have a ferry

It was pretty dark once we settled on an anchorage. We had to rely heavily on our Navionics charts.

Literally a wing dam

pelicans on a wing dam. the wing dam is visible due to low water in Pool 9.

River Rat 101

Wing Dam
A manmade barrier that extends partway into the water to deflect current. Wing dams force water into the faster moving main channel, reducing the rate of sediment accumulation as well as reducing water current and erosion.

Hey Debbie!

Come get your bowl!

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