Vestiges of Summer

Vestiges of Summer

10-OCT-2020 Saturday – Slipperys, Wabasha, MN (~UMR mile 760) to Taylor Island, La Crosse, WI (~UMR mile 699)     53.6 nautical miles (61.7 statute)

43°49’37.8″N 91°16’08.3″W
43.827170, -91.268962
Elevation: 631 feet
Total Elevation Change: -35 feet

Locks (5)
Mississippi River Lock 4 – mile 753, Alma, WI
Mississippi River Lock 5 – mile 738, Minnesota City, MN
Mississippi River Lock 5A – mile 728, Fountain City, WI and Goodview, MN
Mississippi River Lock 6 – mile 714, Trempealeau, WI
Mississippi River Lock 7 – mile 703, La Crescent, MN and Onalaska, WI

States (2) – Minnesota, Wisconsin

Good Morning!

Early morning traffic.  There must be a bass tournament.

I slept at Slipperys.

Alma Lock 4 Waiting for Tow to Clear Lock 4

Along the Way

Father Marquette, a French-America Jesuit explorer. He was the first to explore and map the northern portion of the Mississippi River Valley.

Father Marquette’s image is on the smoke stacks
Wonder what they are getting for lunch. We had turkey sandwiches.

Vestiges of Summer

Sunglasses required. The weather was amazingly clear. The day felt like we were passing through pages in a travel magazine. Peak fall colors. 

Quintessential Towns

All of these beautiful little town would be cool to live in except for the fact a train rumbles through them a dozen times a day. Seriously, if I had a nickel for every train I saw I’d be up at least a dollar.

Great River

The only way you can truly see the river is to be in a boat on the river. The Driftless area in southwestern Minnesota and southeastern Wisconsin which the Mississippi River flows through is as remarkable in its own way as the Hudson River in New York, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Pictures do not do it justice.

The Great River

Imagine it at the end of the last Ice Age. The Mississippi River must have been a mighty river. Taking pictures of it is kinda like taking pictures of the Grand Canyon. It is impossible to understand the scale and impact from simple pictures.

Trempealeau is part of the ‘Driftless Area’ and one of my favorite areas on the Upper Mississippi River.

Mississippi River Lock 6 – mile 714, Trempealeau, WI and the I90 bridge

There was an enormous flock of cormorants circling and landing in the trees. I bet it totaled over 500 birds. I think it’s pretty amazing how they can wrap their little we feet around tree branches and hang on.

Good Night
Anchor was dropped between two wing dams off Taylor Island in La Crosse, WI.

The Driftless Area

The Driftless area is an area (as in Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa) that is free from glacial drift. It was surrounded by glaciers during the Pleistocene, last glacial period and yet remained untouched by passing glaciers. The area has deep cut river valleys, such as the Kickapoo, and rugged rock bluffs near La Crosse indicating lack of glacial drift

The ‘Driftless area’ includes the incised Paleozoic Plateau of southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa. The region includes elevations ranging from 603 to 1,719 feet at Blue Mound State Park and covers an area of 24,000 square miles

The Minnesota Art Museum in Winona, MN has a Picasso. (Also a Kandinsky, Renoir, and Van Goph)

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