That Ship has Sailed!

That Ship has Sailed!

9-OCT-2020 Friday – Twin City Marina, Inver Grove Heights (~UMR mile 831) to Slipperys, Wabasha, MN (~UMR mile 760) 61.5 nautical miles (71 statute)

*UMR Upper Mississippi River statute mile

44°51’31.5″N 93°00’52.2″W
44.858739, -93.014493
Elevation: 666 feet

Locks – Total Elevation Change 21 feet
Mississippi River Lock 2 – mile 815, Hastings, MN
Mississippi River Lock 3 – mile 797, Welch/Red Wing, MN

That ship has sailed! We left at first light. Not really. We were off after taking care of a few incidentals. First needed to dump the full recycle bin and full compacted bin that we forgot to last night. And we needed to make a pot coffee before we pulled the power cord.

A final look at the marina and Rock Island Swing Bridge Park.
Trains used to use the upper level of the bridge and cars the lower level.
Not again! We are not even 15 minutes into our journey. Stand by and stand down for the Margaret D

It’s as pretty here in Minnesota, south of the Twin Cities, as other places on the Loop.  The Grey Cloud area on the river is gorgeous, especially now in the Fall. I didn’t get a pictures of around there as it was still a little dark.

The island across from this bluff is where we attended Rick and Tracy’s wedding last month on the bow of Rick’s boat Imagine. Rick and Tracy are Dock A mates at Twin City Marina. The day is hazy but the Fall colors are amazing.


The GODs (Guys on Docks) warned us to keep mid channel. A bunch of the GODs with their boats and wifes took an overnight run to Treasure Island Casino out last week. We’d have gone too but had other commitments. A couple of them ran aground running near the bouys.  Mid channel logged at 7.4 feet. 

First lock out of the way.  Lock 2, just outside of Hastings, MN.

Oh Look! It’s Steady Eddie!

It was serendipity running into our good friends Ed and Karen on Steady Eddie in Prescott, WI. They were on their way to Red Wing for the weekend.

Fuel stop at Treasure Island Casino.

Ed and Karen stopped in for a short visit while we were on the fuel dock. Then on to Red Wing

Guess where we are

Onto Lake Pepin

Nothing ventured

We called Slipperys in Wabasha, MN and asked if we could spend the night on their dock. WOO WOO. They said sure even though the sign said NO OVERNIGHT DOCKING.

Serendipity! HAHA! Look who showed up! Mark and Nancy have reservations at the St James Hotel in Red Wing……. for next weekend not this one. Oopsies. We invited them for the night since they were in the area and had no place to stay.


It’s an alien world on the river. Barge coming up river

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