A serious walk

A serious walk

08-Marzo-2020, Domingo. Cancun, Yucatán

Luckily Spring Break in Cancun has not yet started. For 12 pesos each we took a bus to the center of the Hotel Zone. I’m certain our bus was attempting to set the land speed limit for a bus in a residential zone. At times all 4 wheels were of the ground.

Breakfast condiments including maple flavored Karo syrup and chocolate Karo syrup plus 10 creamers.

11AM we were off to walk the beach back to our hotel.

Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach). Playa Delfines public beach has it all from wedding photo shoots, vendors, drones, sea gulls and the Cancun sign. It is one of three beaches in Cancun that have a Blue Flag distinction for the quality of the water.

The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education that a beach, marina, or sustainable boating tourism operator meets its stringent standards.

Three hours after we started …. we arrived. Over 6 miles walking on sand is a serious walk. We had to really lean into it to at the end in order to keep going. One thing I know for sure is that I’m never going to walk in a desert or 6 mile miles on a beach again.

Home sweet home. View from our room

After our siesta we headed out for supper.

No one plays Santana anymore.

Buenas noches

Do you think????

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

Cancun has 14 miles of shimmering white sands made of crushed coral, meaning it will naturally feel cool underneath bare feet – despite however hot the weather!

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