Dive another day

Dive another day

27-Febrero-2020, Jueves. Cozumel

Dive another day. An El Norte swirled in last night. The harbor is closed. Our final dive here in Cozumel was cancelled 🙁 Mañana we leave for Mérida.

Our last walk aboutFinal glimpses

My favorite hacienda.

The top of the door in the below old hacienda wall is about even with Dale’s shoulder. Perfect height for the Mayan peoples.

About town

I really love this mural. This is Cozumel to me more so than any other mural.

Buenas noches

Huichol bead art. Woo Woo. The Darth Vader mask the bead lady was working on last week is finished! Could be yours for $800 USD

Good night Darth.

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

In the Huichol culture, there can be no art without religion or religion without art. Religion is not a part of life. It is life. The gods are everywhere including the trees, hills and lakes. Even the lowly stone has a soul. These intensely religious people immerse themselves throughout their lives in this awareness through ritual and the execution of sacred symbols. Both colors and designs are important.

The Huichol refer to themselves as Wixáritari (“the people”) in their native Huichol language. They live in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Durango (north central Mexico). Huichol is recognized as a national language in Mexico.

Huichol beading is a style of beadwork. Beads are placed onto the wax and pressed in. The specially formulated wax mixture does not reject the beads as it hardens.

Other traditional Huichol art includes the Ojo de Dios (God’s eye) and Nierikas (yarn paintings).

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