Crowning Carnaval

Crowning Carnaval

19-Febrero-2020 Miércoles, Cozumel.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Hi Sarah!

Crowning Carnival

The to-be royalty arrive.

The Queen of Carnaval is crowned first and then she crowns her King.

The King and Queen of Carnaval preside over the crowning of the other royalty.

Combs or bobby-pins to hold the crown on???? Definitely bobby-pins. Sarah’s trained eye from having been Miss Rice Street and working with the West St. Paul Royalty picked that out quickly.

Quick stop at the grocery store to pick up milk, bread and cereal.

always something new to see – enchilada craisins.

Buenas noches

Squirt 81

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

Dale still makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world.

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