We’ve become scuba snobs

We’ve become scuba snobs

17-Febrero-2020 Lunes, Cozumel.

Eric http://ChallengeDiving.com what’s holding up the show? The lines about 9 vehicles deep. (New officer at the gate.)

Hey you! You stole that cart from Bodega Aurrera. That’s either one hell of a walk with the cart or you put it in a pickup truck. I know it wasn’t on your scooter. Mr Aurrera probably hasn’t been down here for a while.

Siphoning gas to fill the tank. I was wondering how he was going to pour the gas in when he walked by with the container. Icky

Once again I have lied in this blog. You ARE going to get more scuba pictures. It’s just too cool. We went through some giant coral formations at Planacar Caves. My poor camera just can manage pictures of the big stuff. Todays pictures are from a different section of Cedar Pass reef. More small coral and different fish. Thanks Eric Jr for the pictures.

Small coral formations https://youtu.be/bUtTNHl27Dg You can really see how strong the current is.

Sea Anemone https://youtu.be/-MKQLuyziGs

Un-puffed puffer fish (porcupinefish) https://youtu.be/IgqYtQqBM6Q

School of Barracuda https://youtu.be/B74QTHfXw1c

Sleeping Shark https://youtu.be/xXOFKx_0iqw

Filefish https://youtu.be/AJO6Cxv03f4

Queen Angelfish https://youtu.be/UQr35vsy5Ck

Flounder https://youtu.be/6qifzWAEj7w

If Sunsets restaurant wasn’t along the way home we would make it home faster. It’s hard to pass up 2 4 1 happy hour when we are walking home mid-day in the heat.

We’ve become scuba snobs.

Sand Dollar Sports is right next door to Sunsets. They share patio access to a little reef. Sand Dollar Sports offers snorkeling, snuba and scuba access to the reef. Below is a group of people from one of the cruise lines gearing up for I’m guessing a ‘discover scuba’ class.

Buenas noches

She’s baaaack! Just in time for Carnaval. You can’t even tell where she broke her arm.

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

Termites which build these arboreal nests are called Nasutitermes walkeri and Microcerotermes. The arboreal nest is generally connected to another part of the colony in the root crown of the tree. These termites have mud tunnels to connect from the ground to the upper tree canopy. They can also have a maze of tunnels underground.

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