Kicked out of the nest

Kicked out of the nest

15-Febrero-2020 Sábado, Cozumel. (Republished – this time with pictures)

We have been kicked out of the nest now that we have completed our PADI Open Water certification. Eric Sr passed us off onto his son Eric Jr so we could have experience with a different divemaster.

One more day of diving pictures and then diving pictures are on a hiatus. (Thanks Eric Jr for helping take pictures and movies.)

Swim through

There are a bunch of bricks on the ocean floor sprinkled here and there. In the early 1900’s a ship in heavy seas lost part of its cargo. One of the reefs is named Palancar Bricks because there are so many bricks spilled in that area.

Divers come by and rearrange them to spell words or make pictures. Not sure what is spelled below.

You can’t tell from the pictures but all of these fish are 18 inches to 2 feet.

Fishy links

Large eagle ray at Cozumel Cedar Pass Reef.

I forgot my sun hat so we took a taxi home.  Our siestas started early today.

Buenas noches

Love this lady

Earlier this week she started on a Darth Vader helmet.

Tonight I see it is completed and on the shelf for sale.

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

Yesterday we dove in a group of five plus a divemaster and today we dove in a group of three plus divemaster. The maximum divers a divemaster can lead is eight.  Eric Sr told us when he started the ratio was one dive master was 25 :1.  He said it was a nightmare. Novice, newly certified divers were in groups with expert divers. It was hard to keep the group safe, under control and together.   Thinking herding cats.

Another interesting thing Eric Sr told us was that there are only 300 diving licenses for Cozumel. This means that a maximum of 300 client divers may dive on any given day. Divemasters are not included in the diving license count.  Snorkel boats don’t have license restrictions other than boat capacity.

Diving licenses cost $10,000 USD. Eric Sr owns his boat the Sleeping Shark and 10 licenses. Today we had 9 divers, four dive masters plus the captain on the boat. The other divemasters pay a fee to rent space and licenses to take their clients out on a boat if they do not own one.

70% of the earth is covered with water. Non-diver, I hope you enjoy your 30%.

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