12-Febrero-2020 Miércoles, Cozumel.

Our morning walk, along the way

This super yacht has been hanging around the harbor. It’s the only one we’ve seen so far here in Cozumel. Not like Exhuma Bahamas.

Plvs Vltra – Private. Not for charter. 5,000 mile range. Sleeps 12 plus 19 Crew.

I finally found sombreros for pidgeons. I bought a dozen. All I need to do now is catch them and glue the sombreros on.

Men at work.


Certified! Completion of the written test. Dale and I are graduates of the Open Water diver class for recreational scuba diving. We can now rent tanks and dive world wide.
Thanks Eric! You have been a great instructor. challengediving@gmail.com

Dale and I are a pretty good match. He and I got the exact same score on each set of exams, but got different question wrong. The exact thing happened we we took our USPS Navigation certification tests!

Buenas noches

Cozumel is filled with murals. Just like I finally had to quit obsessively taking pictures of VW Bugs, I had to quit obsessively taking pictures of murals. Here’s just a few.

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

Artists in Mexico can pay their taxes using artwork. ( I’m not sure if any of the above murals were ‘tax payment’.)

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