Walking On The Moon

Walking On The Moon

10-Febrero-2020 Lunes, Cozumel.

WOO WOO. Today we completed our PADI Open Water skills certification. (We take our written test Wednesday). Aquaman came out for the big event.

The guy to the left in the orange vest was checking license of all the dive masters and boat operators.

There were over 50 boats in the area where we entered our dive.

Walking On The Moon

Rolling of the side of a dive boat into the water is exhilarating! Full of anticipation you transcend from a heavily weighted into weightlessness and an alien world.

Do you know why divers roll backwards of the boat?
If they rolled forward they’d smash their faces on the floor.

skills testing at the surface

I’ve pretty much given up ‘trying’ to take pictures of fish. If they drift by me I’ll try to take a shot.
Así es la vida (This is life)

walking on the moon
baby barracuda in the deep blue sea
swims so wild
swims so free
The dive has come to an end. Signal for boat to pick us up.

Homeward slowly

Nachos at Sunsets. Jeronimo gave us 2 for one beer even though it wasn’t happy hour.

There is a small reef at Sunsets. As long as I was still wet from the dive I waded in and checked it out… Not much for coral but there was a lot of fish.

New uses for old dive tanks

Buenas noches

Jack Hammer is still at work on the tile. It’s been about two weeks since he started.

He has been working with a grinder that has no guard, with no eye protectors and no ear plugs. It’s kinda like giving tools to a 10 year old. Glad to see he has a safety line today. I’m not sure if it is tied off or if the other guy is just holding it. I suspect the later. 😮

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

The Mesoamerican Reef System (a.k.a. Great Mayan Reef) is just off Cozumel’s southwestern coast. It is the world’s second-longest coral reef system (only Australia’s Great Barrier Reef beats it) spanning about 600 miles along the coasts of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala to the coast of Honduras.

The average temperature of Cozumel hovers near 80 degrees year-round and the waters have 150-250 feet of visibility. The clear water helps sunlight hit deeper depths of the water, allowing coral to grow deeper and be more protected.

Today’s dive was a little murky and not sunny. It’s breath taking when it is sunny and the water is clear.

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