07-Febrero-2020 Viernes, Cozumel.

Our big event today was walking the short block and a half to pickup our laundry. Yesterday after very short deliberation we left our laundry for the laundress rather than doing it ourselves. Just don’t have them wash delicates. We got the no bleach thing figured out too. Two big loads $190 pesos ($10.03 USD). Cheaper than using laundromat machines and vended soap in the USA.

Wired Jake, this is for you.

How do you get up there to fix anything?

Buenas noches

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

Mexico is the world’s largest beer exporter
Corona is famous worldwide, but there are lots of other Mexican beer brands besides Corona.  Some of the most sold beer brands are Corona, Modelo, Tecate, Indio, Pacifico, Bohemia, Victoria, and of course Sol.

In Mexico, drunk drivers might have it easy. It is common for the police to stop cars and ask drivers whether they have been drinking. If a driver says no, he/she is free to go. (I suspect you might have to give them a tip/bribe though.)

LOL. The challenge in using Google Translator is spelling the English word correctly to start with.

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