This way and that

This way and that

05-Febrero-2020 Miércoles, Cozumel.

We are heading to Mérida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán, when we leave Cozumel the end of February.

When I purchased our ADO bus tickets a couple days ago I selected the below option. Early afternoon sounded good. Further more it was a good price.

¡Ay, caramba! The Google web page translation was incorrect! I purchased tickets for 1:30 madrugada (early morning 1:30 AM) not 1:30 PM.

The ADO online chat agent explained to me that I had to go to a local bus agent to correct the ticket. That brings me to today.

There are several ADO offices in San Miguel de Cozumel even though the bus does not come out here. I chose the ADO office in the downtown area thinking it would be the most-likely to have someone who spoke English. And we were off for our 2.2 km walk to el centro.

We got to the ADO office. I was wrong. No one spoke English. With lots help from Google Translator it became apparent that I needed to go to a different ADO office to exchange the tickets. This was a sales-only office.

WOO WOO. Google Translator

And we were off again for another walk, 1 kilometer. Through the el centro area and then head east.

We stopped for coffee and desayuno (breakfast)
The stupid people with scooters drove through the barriers and were cruising down the pedestrian walkway. Merchants streamed out of their stores yelling at them, forcing them to get off and walk the scooters to the nearest street.
I like to check out pricing. Sometimes it’s cheaper to pay in pesos and other times its cheaper to pay in USD.
This sign is pretty close to a wash. At today’s exchange it’s ~$.22 USD cheaper to pay with $USD than to pay with pesos. Sometimes I’ll find a difference of several $USD.

Through the Municipal Market

When we finally arrived at the ADO ticket office we were saved once again by Google Translator. The agent informed us that we must have a paper copy of the ticket before it could be exchanged. The electronic copy on my phone would not work. Off again to find a place that could print our tickets. Back past the Municipal Market … about .5 km.

Printed tickets!
Saved for the third time today by Google Translator, we got our tickets printed and headed back to the ADO ticket office.

It was getting hot. It was hitting Gringo Hour when all good gringos should be in their casa taking a siesta.

Success! Tickets exchanged with the help of Google Translator.

Homeward bound! Another 1.5 kilometers or so. As the day warmed up the later day lizards started crawling out.

What dude!
Hey Jake! Do you have this iguana problem at work?

But of course I had to stop at the green house. (Tom F, you’d have loved it!)

Past a couple of local restaurants. Too bad we were still full from desayuno.

Buenas noches

Carnaval practice

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

The first printing press in North America was used in Mexico City in 1539 at the House of the First Printing Press in the Americas (Casa de la Primera Imprenta de América). Long before it was used in the United States.

The oldest university in North America, the National University of Mexico, was established in 1551. It was founded by Charles V of Spain.

Color TV was invented in Mexico. Guillermo González Camarena was an inventor who created the chromoscopic adapter for television equipment, which was an early color TV transmission system. His first official color transmission was from Mexico City in 1946. He was only 17.

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