Most of the time I’d rather walk in the road

Most of the time I’d rather walk in the road

04-Febrero-2020 Martes, Cozumel.

We walk a lot. Everywhere. We’ve only used a taxi 3 times and that’s to get to the marina by 9AM to catch the dive boat. Sidewalks should be the major pedestrian track. Most of the time I’d rather walk on the road. Flat, non crumbly sidewalks are amazingly hard to find. Curb heights range from an inch to over knee high. A sidewalk along a single block may have over a dozen plane and not all level.

Good thing it doesn’t rain here very often. Guessing there are some drainage issues with the sidewalks below.

A lot of the sidewalks are old, uneven and very crumbly. Much more so than the below picture.


Many of the sidewalks are beautifully decorated especially in the older sections of town.

The name Cozumel was derived from the Mayan name for the island, “Ah Cuzamil Peten.” Translated to English, this means “island of the swallows.”

Because the swallow is an important symbol to Cozumel’s identity it can be spotted in many motifs including sidewalks.

Many of the newer sidewalks are textured like the top three pictures to prevent slipping. Wet or dry worn smooth sidewalks are slipperier than newly zambonied ice. I’ve almost fallen several times.

One last thing then I’m done with sidewalks … for today.

Meet-up Cozumel

The Tuesday night Meet-up Cozumel gathering was a tamale feast at Casa Mission (1.3 miles away).

Tamales in the Yucatán Peninsula are rather square in shape, often very large (15 inches) and are commonly known as “pibs”. These tamales were filled with chicken. I proudly at 3 slices and a bunch of other stuff.

One of my favorite relishes here in Cozumel is Mayan escabeche de cebolla (pickled onion). The nopales cactus relish, not so much.

Mayan escabeche de cebolla
I’ve looked at a lot of recipes and they all seem to be versions of red onion, fresh Mexican oregano, black peppercorn or jalapeño or serrano chile, and vinegar plus a little extra.

Try Expresso and Liquor 23 over ice. Add a little milk if you have to.

Buenas noches

statue outside of gym

Hechos Graciosos (Fun facts)

The Magnificent Frigatebird bird is magnificent. Length of 35–45 inches and wingspan of 7.1–8.0 ft feet. The male has a striking red gular sac which it inflates to attract a mate. I’d to see one up close.

I have yet to see a swallow.

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