Epiphany is over

Epiphany is over

13-Jan-2020 Monday Cozumel – The grocery stores were filled with ‘King Cakes’ when we first arrived. Epiphany is over and the decorations are coming down and King’s cakes/Epiphany Cake (roscón de reyes/pastel de epifanía) are no longer being sold. Dang I should have bought one.

Blatantly plagiarized picture of a King’s Cake ( roscón de reyes)

The  rosca de reyes in is traditionally eaten on January 6, during the celebration of the Día de los reyes magos (Epiphany or the “Day of the Three Wisemen”). The roscón de reyes has an oval shape to symbolize a crown.

A baby Jesus figurine is placed inside the cake. Whoever finds it must take it to the nearest church on February 2, Día de la candelaria (Candlemas Day), which celebrates the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Whoever finds the baby Jesus figurine in their piece of cake usually agrees to host a party on  Candlemas Day.

Municipal De Cozumel

Looks Minnesota
The Christmas trees in all the restaurants have shed all their needles. They still are beautiful with all their ornaments (except this one with the dead chickens)

I had to watch this guy take down the star at the top of the tree…….

Make sure you blow out the above picture to see how the ladder is positioned.

The next main event is Carnival February 19-26. We can already hear the crews starting to practice in the local squares.

BTW… Where did you watch the Kansas City and Texas game last Sunday?

Una cerveza y una sangria(50% deep red wine 50% lemonaid)

Life is good. La vida es buena.

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