Casa Cereza

Casa Cereza

11-Jan-2020 Saturday Cozumel – I decided to pick up the blog again.  Life is just too interesting to go without comment….. Rather than a daily blog like I did on The Loop, this one is most-likely going to be irregular thoughts at irregular times. The internet infrastructure throughout much of Cozumel is not strong enough to meet the demand. Service is sporadic.

Casa Cereza

We are staying at Casa Cereza, my cousin Mark Kirschenman’s place on Cozumel, until the end of February. Appropriately named. Cereza is Spanish for cherry and Mark’s last name is cherry in German.

We arrived on Tuesday January 7. Mark and his terrific wife Tanya where here until Saturday morning and showed us around. The first thing I learned is that the name of the town is not Cozumel. It is San Miguel. May all my lessons be this easy.

Casa Cereza is located near the D
Mural on a wall.
Yucatan Peninsula and Cozumel

On our own…

We made it to Dick’s Dive to catch the Vikings game.

An $8 coozie for the beer es mucho nessicario. The cozies come with a mystery free drink inside. Dale’s mystery free drink was a shot of tequila.

Catch the Vikings shirt. The bartender (owner) in back has a Packers hat on. Packer backers are everywhere. You just can’t get away from them.

Buenas noches

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