Blue and clueless

Blue and clueless

Sep 4, 2019 Wednesday Lake Pepin – mile 772 Lake City MN to Treasure Island Casino, mile 798, Sturgeon Lake, Welch, MN    23.6 nautical miles.

44°38’18.8″N 92°38’30.7″W
44.638558, -92.641854
Elevation: 674 ft               Locks: 1  Ascent: 8 feet
                                             Lock 3 – mile 797, Welch/Red Wing, MN
Remaining Statue Miles: 32

We’re feeling a little blue today as our adventure is nearing its end and we haven’t achieved our goal our of figuring out what we want to do when we get back to Minnesota. We’re excited to be with family and friends again, but we are still clueless on what we will do next.

(-; We will be at Twin Cities Marina in Inver Grove Heights tomorrow evening, Thursday, Sep 5. We are out of provisions. Bring beer and food. 😉

Along the Way

Our flag is tattered. ‘Yesterday’s and last night’s wind was hard on it. It blew around and looped through.
Lock 3 – mile 797, Welch-Red Wing, MN

Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant.

Treasure Island Resort and Casino‎

Dressed to the nines (i.e. with shoes on, not our standard flip flops) we headed to the casino to win enough money to go around the Loop a second time. Hoping to channel Dale’s Mom’s spirit, we played all of her favorite machines.

Anita must have been off somewhere with Mil as she certainly wasn’t around to help us out. Casino’s have a way of knocking someone down a peg or two and taking the wind out of sails.


Barn Bluff in Red Wing is considered sacred by the Dakota people because it is the site of many burial mounds.

Nauti Words

Feeling Blue
Meaning: being sad or depressed
Origin: ‘Feeling Blue’ comes from a custom that was practiced when a ship lost its captain during a voyage.  The ship would fly blue flags and have a blue band painted along her hull when she returned to port.

Hasn’t got a clue (clew)
Meaning: The word clue was originally a variant spelling of clew. If someone “hasn’t got a clue” then they do not understand or are not knowledgeable.
Origin: Clew refers to the corner of the sail where a brass ring is sewn into the fabric of the sail in order to properly hold the sail in place. If a clew should rip, the sail would loose shape and the vessel will not sail in a controlled manner. Until it is refastened, it “hasn’t got a clew,” or needs to “get clewed up” again.

Dressed to the nines
Meaning: “To the nine” is an English idiom meaning “to perfection” or “to the highest degree” or “buoyantly and high class”.
Origin: To celebrate victories, a returning ship would approach her home waters or port “dressed” in bunting and flags. As many of the crew as possible would line up on the nine primary yards (i.e. spar on a mast, cross-piece from which the sail hangs) as a salute to their monarch.

Take someone down a peg or two
Origin: deflate someone’s ego or lower someone’s status
Meaning: This expression comes from the fact that the flags of old sailing vessels were raised or lowered using pegs. To lower a flag meant to surrender.

Drolleries and Yuks

How do crazy people go through the forest?
They take the physco path.

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