Chalk it up

Chalk it up

Sep 2, 2019 Monday Mile 674, Reno, MN to West Newton Chute – mile 747, West Newton MN  66.3 nautical miles.

44°15’58.2″N 91°54’03.0″W
44.266154, -91.900828
Elevation: 659 ft     Locks: 5  Ascent: 39 feet
                                   Lock 8 – mile 679, Genoa, WI
                                   Lock 7 – mile 703, La Crescent, MN and Onalaska, WI
                                   Lock 6 – mile 714, Trempealeau, WI
                                   Lock 5A – mile 728, Fountain City, WI and Goodview, MN
                                   Lock 5 – mile 738, Minnesota City, MN
Remaining Statue Miles: 83

Today was Dale’s first full day in Minnesota since Aug 5, 2018. Barely sneaking in a couple hundred feet last night to anchor doesn’t count. He was bummed there was no ‘Welcome to Minnesota’ sign along the river go greet him.

Along the Way

Lock 8 – mile 679, Genoa, WI.  We had to wait (and wait and wait) at Lock 8 for a tow to clear.

It wasn’t a bad wait because as there was stuff going on to keep us entertained. For starters there was convocation of eagles whistling to each other. One of the young eagles seemed particularly needy. If I was its mother I might have popped a gobstopper in its mouth.

Fishing must be really good on the west side of this lock. A system has been set-up where a townside fisherman raises a flag and the fish taxi comes to get them to take them to the other side the lock. The fisherman lowers the flag before he gets on the boat.

Eventually the tow we were waiting on exited the lock. We still had to wait (and wait and wait). I suspect the lock staff was either taking time out to celebrate Labor Day with coffee and donuts or maybe having trouble with the lock doors.

Coming into La Crescent, WI

Lock 7 – mile 703, La Crescent, MN and Onalaska, WI

Above the lock

Lock 6 – mile 714, Trempealeau, WI – This area is the prettiest on the Mississippi River. Perrot State Park is on the right, just north of the lock.

Eagle Bluff
Entering Winona

Lock 5A – mile 728, Fountain City, WI and Goodview, MN

All these little town look really quaint and inviting. Looks like a great place to buy a retirement home. Bzzzzzzt! No! The day you moved in you would put your house for sale. Trains run along the river through the little towns on both the Wisconsin side and the Minnesota side EVERY 15 minutes to a half hour. 7×24. NO KIDDING. They are loud enough to be slightly annoying even when anchoring out.

Lock 5 – mile 738, Minnesota City, MN  kids

Some of these pictures are probably in the wrong chronological order or mis-labled. I really don’t care enough to figure it out and fix. Deal with it. 🙂


The name, Winona, comes from a Dakota word – We-no-nah – meaning “first-born daughter.”

Winona’s iconic Sugar Loaf rock formation was created when the mining of the bluff for limestone ceased in the 1880s.

The Minnesota Maritime Museum has artwork from Picasso, Kandinsky, Renoir and Van Goph. We’ll stop another day.

The motorcycle Flood Run from St. Croix Beach ends in Winona.

Nauti Words

Meaning: large, round, hard candy, also know as a jawbreaker
Origin: The expression originates in the nautical practice of placing a grapeshot in the mouth (gob) of an over-talkative ship’s mate or youngster.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle?
There are too many cheetahs.

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