If two people invest in a boat, it’s a partner-ship

If two people invest in a boat, it’s a partner-ship

Aug 30, 2019 Friday Rock River – Mile 479, Rock Island, IL to Mississippi Mile 545, Sabula, Iowa 57 nautical miles.

42°08’42.0″N 90°12’33.5″W
42.145006, -90.209302
Elevation: 581 ft Locks: 3  Ascent: 31 feet
                                             Lock 15, Rock Island, IL and Davenport, IA
                                             Lock 14, LeClaire, IA
                                             Lock 13, above Fulton, IL and Clinton, IA

Remaining Statue Miles: 285

Zebulon Pike camped at the mouth of the Rock River (our anchorage) in 1805 before heading west to discover Pike’s Peak.

Along the Way

Davenport IA. The childhood home of Red Gallagher http://redgallagher.com/

Lock and Dam 15, between Davenport and Rock Island, was the first Lock and Dam built on the Mississippi River. It is the longest roller dam in existence at 1,203 feet.
This is it.
You ever wonder how barges get moved out or a lock when the tow doesn’t ride with them? There is trolley that runs along the lock wall. The barge get tied to it and it’s pulled out.
Isle Casino, Bettendorf, IA has free day use docks. A little gambling and a little lunch.

It has been a couple of days since the partner-ship has had showers. We were off to look for the marina showers the minute yes dear’s lines were secured. The women’s shower was well into preparing for Halloween. There were so many cobwebs and spiders. I quit counting after 12 spiders. The worst part was encouraging a huge spider to leave the chain bolt lock so I could use it.
The marina is on the derelict side. The only part the seem OK is where the water taxi stops.

Cashing out our $20 investment.
Casinos are nothing but bamboozlers! They sucker you into keep playing with little 15 cent and 40 cent wins, while sucking you dry of the whole amount.

How do you know what where it is coming out?

River life

Camanche, IA ~ mile 515. Dang, I missed a photo opp here! Quarterback, Terry Bradshaw grew up briefly in Camanche.

Low bridge coming into Clinton, IA

Lock 13

Salt and Pepper

Ready for Labor Day Weekend
Heading straight west into the sun. This one hurt the eyes. The reflection was as harsh as looking at the sun.

Quote from the Loop

Waiting for a hurricane to hit is a lot like a bug being stalked by a turtle.


The Quad Cities was the site of the western-most battle of the Revolutionary War, fought in 1780.

The Quad Cities is a misnomer. There are actually five cities: Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa and Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline, Illinois.

Nauti Words

Meaning: intentionally deceive someone
Origin: From the 17th century, it described the Spanish custom of hoisting false flags to deceive (bamboozle) enemies.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why did the admiral decide against buying a new hat?
     He was worried about cap sizing

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