Barging right in

Barging right in

Aug 27, 2019 Tuesday Goose Island – Mile 318, Marblehead, Illinois  to   Mile 368, Sandusky, IA   50 nautical miles.

40°27’18.6″N 91°23’03.2″W
40.455178, -91.384213
Elevation: 519 ft               Locks: 3  Ascent: 50 feet
Lock 21, Quincy, IL
Lock 20, Canton, MI
Lock 19, Keokuk, IA
Remaining Statue Miles: 462

We’re fishtailing and slithering all the way up Mississippi at the whim of its treacherous, gnarly, untamed current. We have a lot or respect for this river.

Along the Way

We are truly impressed with the Army Core of Engineers maintaining the waterways, locks and dams. It’s a relentless and often dangerous job.

Canton Lock and Dam 20 – the center pillars kinda look like the castle towers on the Army Corp of Engineers flag.

The only really quirky thing about yes dear… is the forward head pump. Dale replaced it today while we waited 2.5 hours for Lock 20 to open. Lock 20 was down for repair. As far as we are concerned if they need to shut a lock down mid-day for 5 hours, go for it. We will patiently wait.
The lock master was kind enough to let us barge to the front of the line and go first once the lock was reopened. Thank you Lock 20!

Lock 19 was also closed today for repair, 7AM to 7PM. When we arrived there where six tows queued waiting to go through. Each tows takes about 1.5 hours to go through. It looked like an 8 hour wait 🙁
Once again the lock master let us barge in at the front of line and go first when it reopened 🙂 Our wait was a little over an hour at this lock. Thank you Lock 1p!


The Mississippi River received its official title from the Anishinaabe, a group of indigenous peoples from Canada and the United States. The group, consisting of the Odawa, Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Oji-Cree, and Algonquin, named the river “Misi-ziibi,” meaning ‘Great River’ or ‘gathering of water.’

Keokuk (circa 1780–June 1848) was a chief of the Sauk or Sac tribe in central North America, and for decades was one of the most recognized Native American leaders and noted for his accommodation with the U.S. government. The town of Keokuk, IA is named after him.
LOL chief Keokuk had never visited the town of Keokuk before it was incorporated in 1834.

Kudzu vine can grow at the rate of one foot per day.


Terminology Change: Pleasure Crafts (PCs) are called Recreation Vessels (Rec Vessels) on the upper Mississippi River. I wondered why the lock master at the first Mississippi River lock laughed at us.

Nauti Words

Head / Go to the Head
Meaning: The lavatory aboard a ship is known as the “head.” / Go to the bathroom
Origin: The expression comes from the fact that on the sailing ships the toilet was located forward, close to the figurehead or the “head” of the vessel.

Meaning: a leader with no real power or function, much like the figurehead on the front of a ship
Origin: An ornamental figure placed on the front of a ship often under the bowsprit. Originally, the figure was often thought to be a religious and/or protective emblem.

Barge in
Meaning: suddenly and rudely interrupt or disturb (something or someone)
Origin: The word barge refers to the more common, flat-bottomed workboat which is hard to maneuver and difficult to control.  They would bump and bang into other boats thus the term . . . “barge in.”

Drolleries and Yuks

What do sailors use to blow their noses?

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