360 365

360 365

Aug 4, 2019 Sunday Beardrop Harbour, ON to Yacht Haven on Drummond Island, MI  53.5 nautical miles.

46°01’30.4″N 83°44’53.2″W                                                                 
46.025108, -83.748121
Elevation: 574 ft

Along the Way

The final anchors away for the Loop.

Followings seas for the days run.

Middle of no where islands in the North Channel

Mississagi Island. Didn’t stop here.
46°06’40.1″N 83°00’28.9″W
46.111147, -83.008017
Grant Islands – the north shore is almost entirely of fossils. We skipped it this trip.
46°07’52.6″N 83°20’33.5″W
46.131281, -83.342639

Back the land of cheap beer. No more $50 per case beer. Dale is smiling.

Checking into USA Customs using mobile app

We entered Yacht Haven crossing our wake with flying colors. Going GOLD! 365 days to from leaving Ashland, WI to completion of a 360 on the Great Loop.

Check out the Stats: http://yesdear.life/?page_id=44


Drummond Island (136 mi²) is the second largest freshwater island in the USA Great Lakes. Isle Royale (207 mi²) is the largest.

Manitoulin Island (1,068 mi²) on the Canadian side is the largest freshwater island in the world. Bridal Veil Falls at Kagawong is on Manitoulin Island as is the town of Little Current. (Aug 2, 2019)

Nauti Words

Come through with flying colours
Meaning: To win, achieve, or accomplish something exceptionally well or very successfully.
Origin: To come through a battle with flying colours means a ship has come through relatively unscathed and with her colours (flag) flying.

Drolleries and Yuks

What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?

5 thoughts on “360 365

    1. We need to shoot down Lake Michigan and Illinois Waterway to St Louis, MO before we can head up the Mississippi River to St. Paul.

  1. Yeah….you did it. You loopers……now to make your way back home. We your groupies have followed and thoroughly enjoyed every episode of your adventure.
    Not that it’s over till you see Harriet island St.Paul…….

  2. Congratulations, Mary and Dale!

    It’s been an amazing adventure to follow. We’re excited to track the journey home!

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