Georgian (Bay) on my mind

Georgian (Bay) on my mind

July 29, 2019 Monday Snug Harbor, Georgian Bay, ON  to Tie Island in the Bustard Island group, ON  46.7 nautical miles.

45°53’53.9″N 80°53’50.3″W
45.898308, -80.897309
Elevation: 577 ft

We wondered why all our neighbors ignored the rule and didn’t turn on their anchor light on at night. This must be why…

Along the Way

Another grey day. At least we had the sun for most of yesterday.

The local experts recommend the open water run on the Georgian Bay from Point Au Baril Lighthouse to the French River Provincial Park/ Bustard Islands as the small craft channel going west from Point Au Baril Lighthouse isn’t as pretty what we’ve been through and very time consuming to travel.

~28 mile open water run.
We lucky enough to keep an even keel awith a 12 knot east south east wind blowing 18-24 inch waves on our beam and the port rear quarter panel.

After securing yes dear, a little bit of fishing and exploring was on the agenda.

Northern like the purple bait to. This good sized northern got to keep it. It danced on it tail and its teeth cut the line above the steel leader right after I snapped the picture. Dale’s real bummed. It was a great bait.


There are 5 Looper boats and 9 other boats with us in the anchorage tonight. Most are tied Mediterranean style drop short scope anchor and tie the stern to the land (e.g. rock, tree) to minimize swing.
We managed to do it too. It wasn’t pretty to watch.

☹ Docktails was cancelled due to rain.

We left our anchor light off, just like everyone else.

Good Night

After the storrm


Paul Bunyan missed a tree

It is widely believed that the legend of Paul Bunyan was inspired by Big Joe Mufferaw (birth name, Josesph Montferrand). Mufferaw was a lumberjack who was renowned for his feat of strengths. He became beloved for his courageous stand against big logging companies. Even though he was a real life logger and strongman, many of his feats were embellished. A statue has been dedicated to him in his hometown of Mattawa, Ontario. He was also the subject of the Stompin’ Tom Connors’ song bearing his name.

Nauti Words

Even keel – calm and steady. situation that is well balanced.

Origin: A vessel that floats upright without list is said to be on an even keel. A keel is like the backbone of the vessel, the lowest and principal centerline structural member running fore and aft.  Keeled over (upside down) was a sailor’s term for death.

Drolleries and Yuks

What did one hat say to the other?
     You wait here. I’ll go on a head.

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