July 22, 2019 Monday Otonabee River Lock 26, Lakefield, ON  to Big Bob Channel Lock 32, Bobcaygeon, ON     35.0 nautical miles.

44°25’10.3″N 78°16’13.2″W
44.419535, -78.270335
Elevation: 810 ft            Locks 5   Ascent 59 feet

We were startled awake in the middle of the night with a loud bang and something that sounded like electricity crackling.

Humidity so high the inflatable life jacket popped open (bang) and velcro released (crackling).

Along the Way

It was pretty cool this morning. With Mary’s new hair cut she now knows how Dale feels when he says is head is cold.

Hells Gate area. I imagine someone has a good business fixing props. It’s so beautiful it’s hard to limit pictures. (That and I have free internet)

Neither Dale or I get it. Some people really want to live on and island or more accurate, a big rock. I suspect it sounded good at the time they bought it. We are not big rock people. No electricity. Wonder where their septic is going?

Hells Gate Church.
This little church is on an island with no access other than by boat. Sunday parishioners attend by boat and tie up on the long dock in the background of the picture.

Vacation season

These houseboats were in a great little spot. Small rapids circle around the back side of the rock.
Lock 30 Lovesick Lake. I hate these little locks. They are actually harder than the bigger locks. It’s a beast to catch the low ropes and tend the fenders.
Mary also hates lock slime. Down to one lock glove. The right one blew off the boat.

Some of the passages are as narrow as the locks. We are not good sharers and always wait rather than to pass between with an oncoming vessel.

Looper boat pride. A boat mustache and anchor grass
unnaturally white rocks

Bobcaygeon is the Nisswa MN of Ontario.

Karwartha Dairy. Smalls.

Geography Lesson


Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world’s lakes combined.

Drolleries and Yuks

Bobcaygeon by Tragically Hip

I left your house this morning
‘Bout a quarter after nine
Coulda been the Willie Nelson
Coulda been the wine

When I left your house this

It was a little after nine
It was in Bobcaygeon, I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves, one star at time

Drove back to town this morning
With working on my mind
I thought of maybe quittin’
Thought of leavin’ it behind

Went back to bed this morning
And as I’m pullin’ down the blind
Yeah, the sky was dull and hypothetical
And fallin’ one cloud at a time

That night in Toronto
With its checkerboard floors
Riding on horseback
And keeping order restored
‘Til The Men They Couldn’t Hang
Stepped to the mic and sang
And their voices rang with that Aryan twang

I got to your house this morning
Just a little after nine
In the middle of that riot
Couldn’t get you off my mind

So, I’m at your house this morning
Just a little after nine
‘Cause, it was in Bobcaygeon
Where I saw the constellations reveal themselves
One star at time

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