The Bubble Chaser

The Bubble Chaser

July 20, 2019 Saturday Peterborough Marina, Trent-Severn Waterway, Peterborough, ON   0 nautical miles.

44°17’48.2″N 78°19’05.7″W
44.296727, -78.318259
Elevation: 617 ft            Locks –   Ascent – feety

Along the Way

Woo Woo! We have guests. Chanda, Vienna and Alex J from Toronto are here for the weekend. They came bearing gifts and are working hard to Canadianize us.

Canadian style mac and cheese, The Tragically Hip CD and best yet Canadian beer (not pictured)

The Tragically Hip won over 16 Juno awards but never managed to break into the USA market. Incredible…
Canadian beer has managed to break into the USA market.

The Fam. Chanda, Vienna and Alex J

Unfortunately we pretty much hung around inside yes dear for the air conditioning the most part of day. Outside felt exactly like the inside of a Montreal wood fired bagel oven.

Chanda and Mary did manage to wander out to Farmers Market for butter tarts and Montreal wood fired bagels. 🙂

This poor man… He said the boiling the bagels was actually hotter work than baking the bagels in a wood fired oven. I’ll take his word for that. We bought 6 of the sesame seed Montreal style bagels.

We again braved the heat to walk to the marina store for a Kawartha ice cream cone. Kawartha Ice Cream is the best in Canada. It was melting sooo fast in the high heat you could hardly keep control of it melting.

In early evening it barely cooled down enough for us to go the Peterborough Music Fest. The bubble chaser kept us amused until the music started, and even longer than that. First you blow the bubbles then chase them all down to catch them. A light breeze carries them a long ways. Such joy!

Tonight’s Music Fest featured Virginia to Vegas, Millennial pop.
Dale calls this music little girl music.

Tonight Virginia to Vegas was featuring songs that didn’t make the cut for their last record. LOL Yup, you heard that right. If it wasn’t good enough for the album, why were they featuring them ? We left early ….


Americans have invaded Canada twice, in 1775 and 1812. They lost both times.

One of the thirteen articles in the 1781 U.S. Articles of Confederation states that if Canada wants to be admitted into the U.S., it will automatically be accepted.

Drolleries and Yuks

What kind of math do owls like?

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