Take 5

Take 5

July 19, 2019 Friday Peterborough Marina, Trent-Severn Waterway, Peterborough, ON   0 nautical miles.

44°17’48.2″N 78°19’05.7″W
44.296727, -78.318259
Elevation: 617 ft            Locks –   Ascent – feet

Along the Way

Take 5

Local bowling alley has 5 and 10 pin bowling. We went for the 5.


We have neighbors tonight, shoe horned in. We have about 5 inches between yes dear and the other boat and yes dear and the dock.
There is a surprising amount of homeless people in Peterborough. This tent has been relocating around the marina park. There is another park by city hall that has about a dozen tents.


Americans have invaded Canada twice, in 1775 and 1812. They lost both times.

One of the thirteen articles in the 1781 U.S. Articles of Confederation states that if Canada wants to be admitted into the U.S., it will automatically be accepted.

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