Tobins do Toronto

Tobins do Toronto

July 17, 2019 Tuesday Peterborough Marina, Trent-Severn Waterway, Peterborough, ON   0 nautical miles.

44°17’48.2″N 78°19’05.7″W
44.296727, -78.318259
Elevation: 617 ft            Locks –   Ascent – feet

Along the Way

The Market District
Peameal bacon breakfast sandwich at Paddington’s in the St. Lawrence Market.
Peameal bacon sandwiches, consisting of cooked peameal bacon on a kaiser roll and sometimes topped with mustard or other toppings, are considered a signature dish of Toronto, particularly from Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market.
WOO WOO! It’s where we are!

Peameal bacon (also known as cornmeal bacon) is a wet-cured, unsmoked back bacon found mainly in Southern Ontario. The name “peameal bacon” derives from the historic practice of rolling the cured and trimmed boneless loin in dried and ground yellow peas (or corn meal) to extend shelf life. Toronto pork packer William Davies, who came to Canada from England in 1854, is credited with its development.

St Paul MN really needs a market!

The Distillery District

Love Locks. Chanda said they get cleared off about 2 times a year. The vendor next to this is making a good living selling lock for $10-$20.
The bubblebath water should have been a little deeper…….

Old Town District

American to Canadian transformation at Red Canoe National Heritage Brands.
Canadian Air Corps shirt and a De Havilland Aircraft hat.
I’ve seen the signs for kids but never for adults.

Union Station

Queens Park

I’m not sure how effective the protester was. It sounded like he was speaking in an Asian language. Pretty certain it wasn’t English or French.

I’m reasonably certain we were at Harry Potter World (University of Toronto)

Found Chinatown

Then off to catch a Greyhound.

Van Gogh Observes bronze sculpture by Joe Fafard 2018 outside the Mayberry Fine Art Gallery. All of the texture and depth in this picture is from etching/carving into the background. Although it looks projected, the guy’s nose is at least 6 inches deep.

Thanks Chanda for you exploration ideas and letting us spend the night at your house!


Yonge Street in Toronto is the longest street in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s 1,896 km long. We walked at least part of it.

Around 25% of Hollywood movies are actually filmed in Toronto. We saw two filming crews. One in the Distillery District and the other on the University of Toronto campus.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why did the baby elephant need a new suitcase for her vacation?
     She only had a little trunk.

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