All this by 1:00 pm

All this by 1:00 pm

July 13, 2019 Saturday Otonabee River Lock 18, Trent-Severn Waterway, Peterborough, ON  0 nautical miles.

44°17’22.0″N 78°18’28.2″W
44.289437, -78.307822
Elevation: 617 ft            Locks –   Ascent – feet

Along the Way

But of course Mary couldn’t sleep in all morning even though we planned to keep yes dear on the lock wall for another night. Dale wanted to buy bait and maybe an new pair of shorts. His ‘end of life’ clothes are becoming ;end of life’ before he is.

We didn’t get too far before Mary made Dale stop. Have to say this was one of the best farmers markets we’ve been to with all the diverse food booths and farmers market stuff.

Dale did so well with Mary’s hair he needs to apply here so he can buy here a new bicycle with working brakes.


Dale didn’t get clothes but he did buy bait.

LUNCH! Kawartha Rotary Ribfest. They take BBQ serious around here!

Boss Hog’s

Fat Boys

A couple more

Final decision. We ultimately went with Boss Hog’s. Dang it was good. Even better, the meal came with a bottle of BBQ sauce!

All this by 1:00 pm. We raced back to the boat because it started to rain.


Good Night

Peterborough has a music fest every Wednesday and Saturday. Tonight was Crash Test Dummies.


Speaking of shopping, the Mall of America in the Twin Cities is owned by Canadians.

Canada consumes the most doughnuts and has the most doughnut shops per capita of any country in the world.

Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world.

Drolleries and Yuks

Why did the whale cross the street?
   To get to the other tide.

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