Locked up

Locked up

June 29, 2019 Saturday Rivière des Outaouais (Ottawa River), Gatineau, QC  to Underneath the Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa, Ontario  3.8 nautical miles.

45°25’23.9″N 75°41’28.8″W
45.423317, -75.691328
Elevation: 213 ft

Along the Way

Coming into Ottawa
Rideau Locks 1-8 (left) and Parliament
Waiting for our turn to lock up. Notice the waterfall over the top of the look. When water is release from an upper lock it waterfalls all the way down.

Locked up. They finally locked us up. We were the first south bound lift of the day. The north bound came through first giving us time to check the 8 step locks out before we took Yes Dear through.

Hats off to Benjamin, the lock master, and his crew.  By the time the lock was ready to lift the first group through there were 8 boats requesting and up passage. He took us and Encore, the first two boats in line and the two largest boats.  He then took the two next boats in line that could also fit in the lock with. Boats 4 and 5 were too large and needed to wait for the next lock up.

The locks are a harsh mistress. Very low cement walls. Hard to protect against. Fenders need to be exactly at waterline with another set at the rub rail. (Thanks again to Lockmaster Vicki on the Richelieu who told us about making the M formation.)

View from the lock of the Fairmont Hotel

Lock 8, the final lock bringing us a total of 80 feet up in elevation. There were too many people watching for us to screw up. We didn’t want to look like amateurs persevered forever in family albums of trips to Ottawa for Canada Day.

Hats off again to Benjamin, the lock master, and his crew.  There are no visitor safety rails on the locks and visitors crawl all over the locks for a view and to take a picture. The Benjamin lock attendants not only have to manage the vessel traffic, they need to HAND CRANK the locks and stay vigilant to keep people away from the locks. Benjamin said several visitors fall off each year and have to be rescued. It’s worse in the evening when after the lock attendants have gone home as there is no one to supervise.

We have company coming – first stop go get beer.

Tall Boys. Beer is Ottawa is sold as tall boys. If you look hard you might be able to find the 12 oz but it is typically only sold as a case. One of our Canadian friends explained ‘We need the tall boys stop us from freezing.’

Mary was too lost without her camera. So Dale took her to get a second hand camera body that would work with the Nikon lenses until her camera came back from warranty repair. What a great guy she married!

Tom at the Camera Trading Company. These guys really know cameras! Talking to them was so interesting it was hard to leave the store.

About town with the new camera on a dark and dreary day. Just pictures… I don’t know what many of the buildings are. It’s just cool. (Having too much fun to research and find out 🙂

The ByWard Market. The big thing to eat here is beaver tails.

We didn’t stay long. A severe thunderstorm started to roll in. Back to the boat! Everyone got rained on but us (we are under the bridge).



The name Rideau, French for “curtain”, is derived from the curtain-like appearance of the Rideau River’s twin waterfalls where they join the Ottawa River. (see yesterday for picture)

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