First you eat with your eyes

First you eat with your eyes

June 26, 2019 Wednesday Montreal Yacht Club, Montreal, QC   0 nautical miles.

45°30’44.5″N 73°32’49.4″W
45.512361, -73.547055
Elevation: 23 ft

Along the Way

Montreal is a vibrant city. There is so much building, construction and repair going on it is often challenging to get around. I’m sure our 2.5 mile bike ride to Atwood Market was over 5 miles due to the detours.

Atwater Market is filled with butchers, bakeries, fish stores, cheese stores, farmers stalls and restaurants. First you eat with your eyes, second your camera and third your stomach. (I don’t always have the order right.)

Mount Royal Cross is on top of Mount Royal in Montreal. Limits on height are placed upon every building in Montreal, with no building allowed to be higher than Mount Royal.

The marina is kinda behind the tree tops on the right hand side.

A Good Night

Docktails with other Loopers then off on a date night.

A good night for Mary and Dale. With the current USA/Canada currency exchange, the tickets cost ~$40.


Montreal Shares The same Latitude As Venice, Italy. With a latitude of 45°N, Montreal lines up with not only Venice, but also Milan, Zagreb in Croatia, and Queenstown in New Zealand is at the opposite end of the poles with a 45°s latitude*.

Montreal City Flag
The cross represents Christian principles. The white pine tree is for Indigenous Peoples, a blue Fleur-de-lys for the French, red Rose of Lancaster for the English (and Welsh), a purple thistle for the Scots and a green shamrock for the Irish.
Quebec Provincial Flag
The white cross on a blue field recalls an ancient French military banner, and the four (4) fleur-de-lys (flowers) are symbolic of France.

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