Soul of the City

Soul of the City

June 25, 2019 Monday Montreal Yacht Club, Montreal, QC   0 nautical miles.

45°30’44.5″N 73°32’49.4″W
45.512361, -73.547055
Elevation: 23 ft

Along the Way

First task of the morning was to get Mary’s camera to a camera repair shop. I am proud to say we again mastered the subway. The subway trains are like big long slinky tubes. They are not compartmentalized like the NYC subway trains. After dropping the camera off at Lozeau Camera we headed off .9 miles to where we were to meet our tour guide for a ‘Secret Food Tour’.

Outdoor iron staircases is uniquely Montreal. Eye-catching during summer months it has to be a death trap in the winter when covered by snow and ice. It boils down to space. The design of its housing is almost 100 percent efficient; with the stairs outside there are no common areas at all, with all the interior space being used. Eventually the straight staircases were replace by spiral staircase for even more efficient use of space.

Skate board park. I took these for you Jake and Bre T

We heard about food tours from another Looper. Mary of course wanted to do it once she knew food was involved. I was surprised to see there were as many tour options as there were.  We ultimately settled on the ‘Secret Food Tour’

Adam, our tour guide, shared stories and history of Montreal. Not only did we sample the flavors of Montreal, we were enveloped in the soul of Montreal.  A couple of the many stops.

We sampled Fairmount bagels, hand rolled bagel cooked on a wood fired oven. This was the very first bagel bakery in Montreal. Montreal bagels have sweet flavor. Other sampling included pasta sauce, smoke meats, crepes, charcuterie board …. The more I sampled the more I wanted to dine in the whole Montreal experience.

Last stop Dieu du Ciel (God of heaven) brewery. Adam our tour guide is on the left. Thanks for the great tour in your lovely city!

Once were done with the tour walked back the .9 mile to pick-up the camera following a more interesting route.

Dang…. The camera needs to be sent in for warranty work

Once again we mastered the subway. Quick walk through Old Town to get back to the marina.

Built in 1655 Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel is one of the oldest churches in the district of Old Montreal. Small model ships hang from the ceiling, offered by sailors in gratitude.

After a deserved rest stop on Yes Dear we were off for an evening walk on the promenade (which turned into a full-fledged hike).

Montreal is home to Cirque du Soleil.
Habitat 67 and boat spa.
Habitat 67 is an iconic cluster of 354 interconnected, concrete boxes forming a residential complex.
BOTA BOTA is a historic river ferry turned upscale “floating spa”.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Canada. It’s sold at state owned pot shops. May as well go check out the SQDC (Société québécoise du cannabis) pot shop as long as were .9 of a mile from it.

Montréal’s spectacular Mary Queen of the World Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Montréal and a designated National Historic Site of Canada, inspired by the Italian renaissance revival and modeled after Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.
Pot shop is around the block from Mary Queen of the World Cathedral. CLOSED
Montreal’s Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel where John Lennon and Yoko Ono conducted held their legendary bed-in from May 26 to June 2, 1969, writing the anti-war song “Give Peace a Chance.”
Only in Montreal …. The language police made Starbucks put the French word Café in front of it.

China town

The CHUM corporation has a huge footprint in near downtown Montreal. I’d never heard of it so I Googled it. It’s a hospital affiliated with the Université de Montréal.

We definitely got our 10,000 steps in today. More likely were are closer to 20,000 steps.


We spent the remainder of our evening doing laundry. From the laundry area we could watch the lighted projections onto city buildings and the clock tower in the marina, and the light shows on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and Helen’s Island.


Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and the second highest in North America after New York City.

Other worldly food Argentina, Peru. There are literally 100’s of different types food shops and restaurants in Montreal.

Quebec has language police. After talking to our tour guide I’m sympathetic towards the language police. Their goal is to help keep the culture and language alive. By law all signs must be in French. English on the sign must be no more than half the size.

Sometimes it goes a little too far…

Convenience store. The word convenience is the same in both English and French. Rather than sound English the language police forced the stores to change their names to Depanneur which loosely translates to repairman. If you need milk, you go to the depanneur to fix the problem of not having milk in your house.

Pastagate – In 2013 the OQLF (language police) tried to force an Italian restaurant to remove the word “pasta” from their menu. Why? Because “pasta” isn’t a French word.

In today’s world the creation of French terms to name today’s realities is a necessity. Things like hot dog and smoked meat are now officially ‘French’ words.

Drolleries and Yuks

Did you hear about the Italian chef that recently died?
       He just pasta away.

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