It’s a jolly holiday in Quebec

It’s a jolly holiday in Quebec

June 24, 2019 Monday Riviere Richelieu – Canal de Saint Ours Lock Île Darvard, QC  to Montreal Yacht Club, Montreal, QC   53.2 nautical miles.

45°30’44.5″N 73°32’49.4″W
45.512361, -73.547055
Elevation: 23 ft

It’s a jolly holiday in Quebec – Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (St John the Baptist Day)

Along the Way

Exiting the Richelieu

Canadians (geese) on Canadian soil
High water on the Richelieu. The walls around the pillars are under water.
Looper boat JILL KRISTI, a 26 foot sail boat, entering into Fleuve St Laurent (St Lawrence River)
Fleuve St Laurent. Another really big river. Main shipping channel

Entering Montreal

The river was really busy. At one time there were 29 boats ahead of us, both coming and going. Cigarette boats were going so fast they must have been attempting to break the sound barrier.

The current was exceptionally strong coming into Montreal. At one time were were running only 1.7 kts at 1600 rpm. Normally we should have been around 7.5 kts. The water is high. The depth finder read 9 feet higher than charted depth in sections of the river.

OMG! Montreal has a beach. The beach is around the edge of the marina.

Wandering around old town Montreal. There are lot of little restaurants and out door eateries. Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and the second highest in North America after New York City.

I have no idea what the building are but they are cool. I think we did ourselves a disservice by not taking a city tour. We will for sure next time we come back. **Adding Montreal to the best of the best list.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Parade. Eight major figures from Quebec history were honoured (made into bobble heads), including Montreal co-founders Jeanne Mance and Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, playwright Michel Tremblay and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.

This was different …… A bus let a clown off at every block where there was a wooden structure waiting for them. The clowns pulled the structure into the street and put on a 15+ minute performance. We didn’t wait around till the end. I don’t know who picked up the clowns when the were done.

This should have been surprising to us. After all, Montreal is home to the Cirque du Soleil.


Tales from the Loop

Water levels are high all over the North East section of the Loop.  The Hudson is high, the Erie is high, the Champlain is high, the St Lawrence is high, the Great Lakes are high …… you get the picture. In many places fix height docks and normally above water structures are underwater adding a new element to boating. A lot of the fuel stations are on fixed docks and due to the high water, they are closed making re-fueling a challenge.

The Clayton Marina in Clayton, New York on the St Lawrence just opened their fuel dock even though it is still 8 inches underwater. Boaters call in advance to fuel up. Eight marina attendants don their rubber boots and wade out to the end of the dock to catch the boat, preventing it from floating over the dock while it is fueled. Your just can’t use floating fenders on an underwater dock. We are not going through this section of the St Lawrence which include the 1000 Islands as we are taking the more northern route up the Ottawa River then down the Rideau Canal.


During the American Revolution, the United States sent Benjamin Franklin to Montreal to persuade the Canadians to join the American cause against the British. After staying 10 days, Franklin left convinced that it would be easier to buy Canada than to conquer it.

Although Montreal is one the world’s five largest French-speaking cities, most residents are bilingual. Many speak a third language.

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