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I want a Hog

I want a Hog

August 31, 2018, Friday Port Washington, WI to Milwaukee, WI     23.1 nautical miles

43°02’58.1″N 87°53’15.2″W
43.049470, -87.887542
Elevation: 579 feet

Harley Davidson is celebrating its 115th Anniversary Labor Day Weekend in Milwaukee. The marina is packed and we are about .5 miles away from the celebration event. Blasting music, Harley rumbles, feral helicopters, airport takeoff/landing flight path and dock tails. It will not be a silent night.

We walked up to Glorioso’s Italian on Brady Street for groceries. Gloriosos is a must for any Milwaukee stop over.  The Brady Street Experience is part of the 115th Anniversary event.  It feels like a very low keyed Sturgis.

Having our boat in the marina this weekend would be sort of like having it parked on Snelling Avenue during “Back to the 50’s” car show weekend or the State Fair.

Milwaukee, WI

Good thing we are becoming sea dogs. Waves were 2-3 feet and building for today’s trip. Bring it on!

Milwaukee, WI harbor entrance
Milwaukee, WI harbor entrance and McKinley Marina

Brady Street Experience – the party is just starting

Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – party just getting started
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – space alien or praying mantis?
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – space alien or praying mantis?
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – low riders
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – low riders
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – low riders
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – TOM you are looking the wrong way!!!!!!
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – big wheels  — note the beard
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – big wheels – ha ha red shoes to match
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – big wheels
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – big wheels
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience – taxi

115th Harley Davidson Anniversary Event

Milwaukee, WI 115th Harley Davidson Anniversary entrance gate
Milwaukee, WI 115th Harley Davidson Anniversary
Milwaukee, WI 115th Harley Davidson Anniversary
Milwaukee, WI 115th Harley Davidson Anniversary – ferris wheel reflection
Milwaukee, WI 115th Harley Davidson Anniversary – plastic pants

Brady Street Experience – the party is picking up

Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience
Milwaukee, WI Brady Street Experience



yet another quaint town

yet another quaint town

August 30, 2018   Sheboygan, WI to Port Washington, WI  31.8 nautical miles

43°23’20.8″N 87°51’52.0″W
43.389096, -87.864435
Elevation: 580 feet

Imagine that!  A clear horizon 360 degrees view enroute to Port Washington, WI. The breakwater on the south side the harbor entrance had about a dozen fishermen on it as we departed this morning.  There were also about a dozen fishing boats immediately outside the entrance and in the channel. Approximately half of them were charter fisherman and half private. Probably fishing for walleye.

We had to slowly maneuver our way out to deeper water as the Sheboygan River swollen from all the rains washed a lot of garp, branches and trees into Lake Michigan.  We finally got clear of the garp about .75 miles out. Tom compared it to the Sargasso Sea.

All the fishermen Dale talked to yesterday said no one is catching any salmon. Dale still tried. (no luck)
¸. ><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·…¸><((((º>¸..·´¯`·.. ><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·…¸><((((º>

Fishing. Look at the color of the water! Beautiful day.

¸. ><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·…¸><((((º>¸.
.·´¯`·.. ><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·…¸><((((º>

Port Washington

Port Washington, WI harbor lighthouse

The closest bar in Port Washington was 30 feet from the end of our dock. We walked past it. (to another) Shake of the day!

Potty Pictures

Potty Pictures

August 29, 2018, Wednesday   Sheboygan, WI     0 nautical miles  12 statute miles estimated

43°45’07.5″N 87°42’05.6″W
43.752079, -87.701566
Elevation: 580 Feet

2 for 1 Looper Special.  Buy one night get one night free.  How could we pass that up? 8:00 am – Star Spangled Banner was played over the harbor by the Coast Guard and the flag was raised.  Off on the bikes for another adventure!  Mary was still having problems with her bike so she got it tuned up at Johnnie’s Bike Shop. Really eclectic little shop run by Patti, the daughter of the original owner.  Definitely a 5 star bike shop. (sorry, forgot to take pictures)

Mary has Boat Envy

Grand Sturdy 430. First boat Mary has seen that stirred a little boat envy.  The boat is made in Holland by the Lissen Yacht company.

Grand Sturdy 430 – Rope rub rail in a channel, tightened in by a stainless steel turnbuckle.

Art Cafe Food Truck

Sheboygan, WI Art Cafe Food Truck.  Joy, the owner of the food truck is standing by it holding freshly picked herbs.  The fenders were from an early 50’s Pontiac.  Sides are mostly old fashioned pressed ceiling tin.
Sheboygan, WI Art Cafe Food Truck
Sheboygan, WI Art Cafe Food Truck
Sheboygan, WI Art Cafe Food Truck – front grill is a cross between and old Buick and a Ford


Kohler Art Center

Sheboygan, WI Kohler Art Center – The facade is the old Public Library
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – behind the facade

Game of  Thones

Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – castle
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – castles
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – castles

Potty Pictures

Sheboygan, WI Kohler Art Center – Womens – Shoes on bottom and hats on top
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Art Center – Womens Shoes (Sarah this one is for you)
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Art Center – Womens sinks
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Art Center – Womens
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Art Center – Womens wall
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – Mens sinks
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – Mens throne
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – Mens urinals
Sheboygan, WI Kohler Arts Center – Mens ceiling

BTW – Dale took the mens pictures and Mary took the womens.

Days End

Sheboygan, MI
and another kickass storm

and another kickass storm

August 28, 2018   Manitowoc, WI to Sheboygan, WI   23.7 nautical miles and a lot of big waves

43°45’07.5″N 87°42’05.6″W
43.752079, -87.701566
Elevation: 580 Feet

We could actually see the Manitowoc Lighthouse for minutes leaving the harbor!  It didn’t last for long though. Fortunately the heavy fogged stayed with in a couple miles of shore so we traveled outside the fog bank. Just to keep us on our toes, water was a little rough.  The day ended as the past two has with a kickass storm and tornado sirens.  The fog horn is blowing in the background.

Leaving Manitowoc Harbor

Manitowoc Lighthouse – Unbelieveable NO fog leaving the harbor

Heading South

Waves were 1 to 4 feet with a few 5+ footers mixed in. It isn’t the size of the that really determines the splash, it’s more the space between them. If the distance is great enough the boat just kinda slips through them. A few of them the splash washed over the deck.

How do you measure wave height? It seems like most boaters exaggerate the height of the waves. We don’t want to be those kind of boaters. Mary got out the tape measure.

Welcome to Sheboygan, WI

Sheboygan, WI Harbor. Red, right, return. Sheboygan River meets Lake Michigan. Do you see the fisherman?
Sailboat lessons. 15 minutes after this picture was taken the fog socked in and the tornado warning sirens went off.
Sheboygan, WI kick ass storm
Sheboygan, WI kick ass storm
Sheboygan, WI kick ass storm






Waiting out the Weather

Waiting out the Weather

August 27, 2018   Manitowoc, WI      0 nautical miles    25 statute miles

44°05’51.7″N 87°38’53.6″W
44.097698, -87.648234
Elevation: 580 Feet

As expect last night was quite a storm.  Winds gusts in the marina were measured at 59 mph. It was extremely foggy again today so we opted for another day in the marina. Another big storm is expected tonight.

We biked up the Ice Age National Scenic Trail through Two Rivers, through Point Beach State Forest to Rawley Point Lighthouse. All of us agreed that the bike ride through Point Beach State Forest was the best bike path we had ever been on; deciduous forest, coniferous forest, natural dunes and lake shore.   (Make sure you don’t skip the picture at the bottom of this entry.)

Manitowoc, WI to Two Rivers, WI

Manitowoc Marina – Start of the day
Manitowoc Marina – sailboat masts
Manitowoc, Wi to Two Rivers, WI bike trail  – reclaiming the beach from last night’s storm.
Manitowoc, Wi to Two Rivers, WI bike trail. One of many, many gardens and sculptures along the way, as well a natural dunes and lake shore.
Manitowoc, WI – view of light house – where it would be if no fog

Two Rivers, WI Harbor

Two Rivers Harbor – looking out. One river is coming from the starboard and the other from the port. We ventured to the end of the north (left side) pier.

Two Rivers Harbor north pier

Two Rivers north pier

We met this older gentleman by the shore pondering whether he was going to go out to the end of the pier today. He said he did it most every day weather permitting. He decided to go because we were going out. It was a bit of a wet ride. An occasional wave broke over the rocks.

Two Rivers north pier
Aftermath – Washington House, Two Rivers, WI – Inventor of the ice cream sundae

Two Rivers, WI to Rawley Point Lighthouse

We got to Two River about 1:00 PM so on a fluke we decide to trek out to Rawley Point Lighthouse.  Riding on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail through Point Beach State Forest was definitely one of the highlights of our Loop so far.

Point Beach State Forest – deciduous forest  (kicking myself that I didn’t take a picture of the coniferous forest.
Point Beach State Forest – reflection
Point Beach State Forest – sand dunes
Point Beach State Forest – sand dunes
Rawley Point Lighthouse

Waiting out the Weather

A thunderstorm rolled through on our way home.

Waiting out the Weather


Gray Day

Gray Day

August 26, 2018, Sturgeon Bay, WI to Manitowoc, WI      55.9 nautical miles

44°05’51.7″N 87°38’53.6″W
44.097698, -87.648234
Elevation: 574 Feet

We left Sturgeon Bay about first light with light, early morning fog that was supposed to burn off by 9:00 AM. The fog never lifted.

Occasionally we ran into groups of 5-12 fishermen. The radar really helped out locating and working through the groups.

Good Bye Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay, WI – Leaving East at first light
Sturgeon Bay, WI – Entering East channel – Light fog over the trees
Sturgeon Bay, WI – East channel – Light fog over the trees
Sturgeon Bay leaving the East Harbor
Sturgeon Bay, WI – Leaving East channel at first light

This was the only color we saw all day.

On the Water

Water and Fog the entire day. Not very scenic.


Manitowoc, WI

Manitowoc Harbor Lighthouse – Best it gets

Bike out to the Lighthouse

Manitowoc Lighthouse – Can you see it yet?
Manitowoc Lighthouse – How about now?
Manitowoc Lighthouse
Manitowoc Lighthouse – Looking up to Dale on the second level
Manitowoc Lighthouse – Through the the second level windows looking at Dale
Dang you Dale


Maintowoc Marina – Can you see the boat. Hint starboard side the dock.

Our bike ride was cut short.  A woman stopped us on the street and told us to seek shelter. A storm was coming. It came. Flash and Crash!

Wind and Rain – Flag and Fishing net took a whipping

From the Poet Laureate

The route we drove the boat today.
Was to Manitowoc from Sturgeon Bay.
We set out early, just after dawn.
Got out on the water and all was gone.
The water was flat and smooth as ice.
But the lake put on its cloaking device.
Fog turned the world into white and gray.
Without electronics, there’d been no way.
Spending 5 hours without a horizon
Is an unusual world to keep your eyes in.
We’re at the dock in manitowoc feeling the boat rock.
T storm is kicking our ass as we speak
Free Food

Free Food

August 25, 2018, Saturday  Sturgeon Bay, WI  0 nautical miles   Statute miles 0 (slug-gos)

44°49’26.6″N 87°22’20.2″W
44.824044, -87.372277
Elevation: 580 Feet

Still at Skipper Bob’s Quarterdeck. Waves are Lake Michigan are predicted to be at 2-5 feet.  We’ve seen a 3 foot and not looking forward to a 5 foot.

Waiting out the weather in the upper helm
and your little dog too

Aftermath of the Free Marina Sponsored Supper.
Skipper Bob’s sponsored a free supper for the marina. Smoked pork and gourmet hot dogs, corn on the cob and everything else including beer and wine.  HA!  A slip here runs about $70.  I think the 3 of us more broke even here with free supper and beverages.

Skipper Bob’s Marina picnic – corn cookers and smokers
Skipper Bob’s Marina picnic – smoked pork and gourmet hot dogs line.  Mary even liked the hot dogs.
Skipper Bob’s Marina picnic – salads corn and desserts
Skipper Bob’s Marina picnic crowd
Skipper Bob’s Marina picnic aftermath. Red Solo Cups (free wine and Spotted Cow beer)

Post Picnic

Oinkers Away
Dock B
Weathered In

Weathered In

August 24, 2018, Friday  Sturgeon Bay, WI  0 nautical miles   Statute miles 12.8

44°49’26.6″N 87°22’20.2″W
44.824044, -87.372277
Elevation: 580 Feet

Back at Skipper Bob’s Quarterdeck

While sitting in the marina club room watching the news, another patron ambled by and under the his breath commented “Wow! It’s nice to see someone watching CNN news. It’s not seen around here very often.”  in Trump and Governor Scott Walker Country

Decision Delimiters

The rain isn’t so much of a problem, but the wind is!

Aug 24, 2018 Weather Underground forecast
Aug 24, 2018 Forecast and Actual – Wind strong 23.4 mph and gusting to 24.8

Quick Bike Ride to Potawatomi State Park before the Rain   12.8 statute miles

Potawatomi State Park is at the eastern end of the Ice Age Trail. The western end of the Ice Age Trail is in Taylors Falls, MN

Ride to Potawatomi State Park
Potawatomi State Park

Mary managed to fall over on her bike while standing. She decapitated a finger nail and has road rash up the arm.

From the Poet Laureate (Tom)

Ok its been  while, and we’re still havin fun.
But ive been shirking my duties lately, so heres another one.
A few days back, we grabbed a place, at Skipper Bobs, in Sturgeon Bay.
It was pretty nice there, and we liked it, so we decided, that wed stay.
Then went north, to Baileys harbor, on the hook yesterday.
Cupboard emptying waves, brought us back, to Skipper Bobs again today.
Got frisky and took a bike ride, out along the western shore.
Every time Dale, says its not far, its always, miles more.
Busting a derby move, on a guardrail,  in the state park Potowatamee.
We feared fair Spiderwoman, had given herself,  at the very least, a lobotomy.
Seeing her do this, i admit, scared the hell out of me and Dale.
But alas, the iron maiden,  only managed, to brake a nail.
Now we’re back, hunkered down, wind and rain is on its way.
Party here tomorrow, with free booze, when I tell them, bet we stay.
Editorial Note1:  Yes Thomas, I will keep my promise
                                not to fall of my bike again.
Editorial Note2:  We are staying another night. HA!



Red Right Return to Port

Red Right Return to Port

August 23, 2018, Thursday, Baileys Harbor, WI to Sturgeon Bay, WI  28.3 nautical miles

44°49’26.6″N 87°22’20.2″W
44.824044, -87.372277
Elevation: 580 Feet

HaHa.  Notice day-of-week was added to the first line of the entry.   Totally loosing track of date and time!  I need to add a bit more structure in my life. We returned south Sturgeon Bay. There is a pretty significant front coming through and we want to be in a marina for that.

For those of you watching GPS coordinates yes, we red right returned to the exact same slip at Skipper Bob’s Quarterdeck Marina we had earlier in the week. The wind is 15-20 nts, waves 1-3 and building.  A big storm is coming in later tonight/tomorrow.  Didn’t feeling like testing the anchors tonight.

Power Supply (or not)?

We are still fighting with the power supply used to drop/lift the dingy. Although it dropped the dingy last night and lifted it this morning we are not confident in the battery holding a charge. Super charging it again tonight and will recheck tomorrow morning.

Ready Set Fish!

Tom towing the line 2.3 nts at 100 feet of water

Tom towing the line (at 100 feet)

Geared up

Tackled. Dipsy diver, snubber, flasher and Howie. (about $60 worth of tackle)
The Howie Fly

Gone fishing

Fisherman. “I’m doing the thing I’ve most wanted to in my life. Be in the back of my own boat in lake Michigan and salmon fish. The next thing to do is catch a salmon.  One out of two ain’t bad.”
Rearranged by an occasional 3 foot wave… Liquor cabinet crashed too. Fortunately no casualties.

Arrival at the Dock

Took 4 people to help us dock due to the winds!   All hands on deck! No pictures too busy!

Tribute to Anita

Tribute to Anita

August 22, 2018

August 22 is my mom’s birthday she would have been 88 years old today.  She was a gracious and classy lady. If you asked her to go someplace she NEVER said no.

Last June Anita, Mary and I were in Door county we stayed in Sturgeon Bay for 2 days and toured Washington Island. That was to be her last big trip and she enjoyed every minute. She rode shotgun in the car and did not close her eyes even once for a nap!

Anita with her daughter in-law Mary at Washington Island in Door County
Anita in an audience with the Pope
No explanation needed
Anita and her favorite Granddaughter(s) Sarah and Emily


Not catching

Not catching

August 22, 2018 Sturgeon Bay, WI to Baileys Harbor, WI        28.3 nautical miles

45°03’57.7″N 87°06’07.1″W
45.066038, -87.101967
Elevation: 580 Feet

Dale wanted to fish salmon. Slow cruise up to Baileys Harbor, WI following about 100 feet of water at 2.3 nts. Local guides said salmon weren’t active. They haven’t see a salmon all summer. We tried anyways.

Leaving Sturgeon Bay East Canal

Sturgeon Bay east canal to Lake Michigan
Leaving east side Sturgeon Bay – Notice the high wave cat walk to the light house.

Some fishermen are invasive species!

It’s a BIG lake but for whatever reason the charter boat below crossed about 30 feet in front of us then stopped forcing us to alter course/water depth.  We followed it for a while then pulled lines and moved about a mile ahead to fish.

Invasive Species Fisherman (It really much closer than it looks – crummy camera)

It was quite a challenge to follow the 100 feet water line at 2.3 nts with the wind and waves.  The boat is also not designed to move that slow. We had to keep putting it in and pulling it out of gear.

Black flies out over the water were horrible! Where did they come from?

Baileys Harbor

It’s amazing how many jet skis and paddle boarders there are. Baily Harbor is no exception.

Paddle boarders

Taking in the Town

80’s VW Golf
Door County Brewing Company
Door County Brewing Company – Cool place. Terrible beer.
Worst beer Dale has EVER drank. Coffee Maple Stout.   Don’t try the other two either.
Cell phone tower
Glass bottom kayak
Balcony seating
Bailey Harbor Marina, WI. We are anchored out just to the right of the picture.

The drive home

Home – anchored out.  Looks like we have a smoke stack.
Statute Miles

Statute Miles

August 21, 2018  Sturgeon Bay, MI    o nautical miles    15.6 statute miles

Wind and rain! Could we rewind to yesterday’s weather? National Data Buoy Center reports 3+  feet waves and wind at 19 nts.    
Stuck in Skipper Bob’s Quarterdeck Marina for another day. Not a bad place to be stuck…

Steve (neighbor on dock):  You could go out and get some experience in this weather.
Dale: Yes I want that experience on YOUR boat.

Rained last night. Spider webs this morning.

Spiders (webs)
Spiders (webs)

tour de Sturgeon Bay (15.6 statute miles bike trek)

Wind was so strong we had to peddle to go down hill.

Michigan Street Bridge from above.  (See Death’s Door Aug 18, 2018 for view from below)
Bike trek to George K. Pinney County Park

*** for more details and pictures either Google it or drive it!   But I did have to share this ..

Sturgeon Bay main street
On a Mission

On a Mission

August 20, 2018  Sturgeon Bay, MI     0 nautical miles

44°49’26.6″N 87°22’20.2″W
44.824044, -87.372277
Elevation: 580 Feet

Today was a day to get things done!  I can happily report missions accomplished.

Skipper Bob’s Quarterdeck Marina

Awesome marina and affordable.  Dale had a mechanic come over to the boat for more boat therapy.  WOO WOO! The mechanic was able to upgrade the Raymarine chart plotter.  The ‘Gold Chip’ Dale got on the internet should now cover route for the rest of the Loop and the Bahamas.

Skipper Bud’s Quarterdeck – no kidding!   Shower Suites.  About an 8×8  beautifully tiled bathroom.  Every gets a terry bath mat when they enter.

Boats for sale in the Marina (prices are correct)

Cruisers for sale
Cruisers for sale

Trek to West Marine

We biked to West Marine in town so we could return the defective 50 to 2-30 amp splitter and get one that works. Pleased to say we are using it now!

West Marine item that caught my eye.

Training wheels for a paddle board…..

We also biked to the Target store to look for a power pack.  Didn’t find one but the clientele was interesting.

Target store guest (praying mantis)
New bicycle basket works well!

WOO WOO!  We did find a power pack at a hardware store.  Dropping the dingy tomorrow!!

Solar Garden on the ride home

Solar Flower Garden
Solar flower

Boat people are Awesome

Wonderful people a couple of boats down from us, Steve and Cyndie.  First they lent us a spray nozzle to spray down the boat (cleaning again. How does it get so dirty on the water?). Then they offered to drive us to the grocery store. Cyndie packed my groceries for me before I could even get to it. AND THEN she gave us a gift.  Racine Danish Kringles are legendary delicious.

Racine Danish Kringle
Mark and Cyndie’s boat (look at her plants)


Death’s Door

Death’s Door

August 19, 2018  Detroit Bay Washington Island, MI to Sturgeon Bay, MI  43 nautical miles.

44°49’26.6″N 87°22’20.2″W
44.824044, -87.372277
Elevation: 580 Feet

Death’s Door (Porte des Morts named by the early French explorers) is a strait linking Lake Michigan and Green Bay  The name for the area eventually became Door Peninsula.  We pass by Death’s Door bluffs on our way to Sturgeon Bay.

Our original plan was to hang around Washington Island for a while but Tobin factor took over. The power pack/charger Dale bought in St Ignace, WI doesn’t work.  The battery will not accept/hold a charge.  Without a power pack we can’t drop the dingy, making anchoring out a bummer. Sturgeon Bay has a West Marine, Target and a Walmart.  No Costco or Meijers.



You ever wonder why you ALWAYS see people cleaning their boats? Unwanted Guests. Last night sleep overs.(makes me wish there were a few more spiders)
Welcome Guests!  Landed on the boat while we were traveling.  Unbelievable how many Monarchs we saw way out over the water.


Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay west entrance shipyard
Sturgeon Bay west entrance shipyard



Sturgeon Bay west entrance Michigan Street Bridge Opening
Sturgeon Bay west entrance Michigan Street Bridge
Sturgeon Bay west entrance Michigan Street Bridge
Sturgeon Bay west entrance Maple-Oregon Street Bridge (2nd bridge). The white pole on the side is one of the antenna.  We needed to drop it to clear the next bridge (or wait for it to open).


Skipper Bob’s Quarterdeck Marina, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Millionaire Row (and us). Skipper Bob’s Quarterdeck Marina, Sturgeon Bay, WI.   We are down a ways on the starboard side.

From the Poet Laureate (Tom)

Some Problems continue to confound.
Like how do we get the dam dingy down.
The issue du jour, is the power pack.
And how we can ever get money back.
On something bought back four towns ago.
Now to find, it dont work, ya know .
Returning things in transit, can be a bitch.
But most other things have gone off without hitch.
From Washington island to Sturgeon bay.
Is the water we got to cover today.
Hitchers would stop for a while on the way.
Then fly off at a whim, not wanting to stay.
How they do it, i just dont know.
All the way to mexico.



Slow Down! You’re moving to fast.

Slow Down! You’re moving to fast.

August 18, 2018   Shipyard Marina in Detroit Bay Washington Island, MI to  anchored out in Detroit Bay Washington Island, MI    0.6 nautical miles

45°20’34.8″N 86°55’18.2″W
45.343000, -86.921722
Elevation: 580 feet


Washington Island

The marina we stayed at had free courtesy car we used to drive around the island and get groceries. Beautiful island!

Washington Island is notably Norwegian


Washington Island Cedar Forrest – one of many


Schoolhouse Beach is comprised entirely of limestone rocks, most about the size of the palm of Mary’s hand. The water is crystal clear.

Washington Island Schoolhouse Beach – skipping stones
Washington Island Schoolhouse Beach – skipping stones


Anchored Out

Ready. Set. Dang it. Tobin Factor… The power supply Dale just bought to drop the dingy doesn’t work! Piece of crap did not accept/hold the charge.

Oh well.  On the hook enjoying the world around.  (We are only about .6  NM from the marina we stayed at last night.  I’m pirating their internet to post this 🙂  A swim later.

On the hook – play cards and grilling out
Detroit Bay on Washington Island, MI Door County
Detroit Bay on Washington Island, MI Door County


Night Fishing (blue lights under swim deck)   and Miles Davis on the stereo

Could it get any better?

On Wisconsin

On Wisconsin

August 17, 2018 Beaver Island, MI to Shipyard Island Marina, Washington Island, WI  83 nautical miles

45°20’22.1″N 86°54’33.5″W
45.339473, -86.909293
Elevation: 580 feet

Good Bye St James Harbor on Beaver Island, MI

Beaver Island
Spider Woman on the job
Beaver Island University of Michigan Research Center

LOTS of Big  open water until Wisconsin

Wisconsin Fishing License

Hello Washington Island, WI

Washington Island Ferry – timing our entry into the bay in a very narrow channel
Washington Island Bay – very busy ferry


St Ignace, MI to Beaver Island, MI   40.7 nautical miles

from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan

45°44’56.6″N 85°30’41.9″W
45.749062, -85.511625
Elevation: 580 feet

St Ignace Marina

Best marina yet (but internet is crappy at all of them)

St Ignace Marina
St Ignace Marina

InterAgency Security Drills

Thank you for keeping our inland waters safe

Boats from the Coast Guard, Michigan State Police, Sheriffs from multiple counties, St Ignace and Mackinac City Police were practicing explosive device searches and detaining vessel boarding procedures.







Elsewhere in the Marina

parasail take off
Ship’s rudder and old buoy (thingy laying on ground behind)


Hardware Store conversation

Clerk: What are you looking for?
Mary: My husband.
Clerk: You could find a new one. There are plenty of them here.

Mary’s new bike basket


Daily Check and Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance – adding oil

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge – Lake Huron to Lake Michigan
Mackinac Bridge – Lake Huron to Lake Michigan
Mackinac Bridge – Lake Huron to Lake Michigan
Mackinac Bridge
Mackinac Bridge

Did we take enough pictures, eh?


Lake Michigan

Following Seas
Following Seas
Killing time – Bad Day for Spiders. Good Day for Mary.

BTW, the biting flies are terrible!!!!!

Works for spiders too
The biting fly blues (From the Poet Laureate)
Woke up in port this mornin’
Felt good to get to snooze
But heading cross the water now
We got the biting fly blues
Heard reports of weather
Made it hard to choose
Finally made our minds up
Got the biting fly blues
Do they wait out or’ the water?
Then swoop down on the crews
Each ship becomes a new buffet
Got the biting fly blues
We’ve had it way to easy
So now we’re payin’ our dues
Not fast enough to shake them
Got the biting fly blues
First mates gone down below decks
Leaving Captain and the crew
Up top and slapping insects
Got the biting fly blues
You come this way, you risk it
Its you who’ll have to choose
And if you do you may get
The biting fly blues
Biting Fly

Beaver Island Marina


Beaver Island

Beaver Island Sidewalk
Beaver Island
Beaver Island
Huron Out we are on the Loop

Huron Out we are on the Loop

Yacht Haven, Drummond Island, MI to St. Ignace, MI    46.7 nautical miles

45°51’58.8″N 84°43’06.8″W
45.866341, -84.718551
Elevation: 581 feet

We officially started the Loop today leaving Drummond Island!  Day 1 on the loop!

Day 1

Boat Therapy

The Blogger

Yacht Haven has two master marine mechanics I talked to two of them yesterday. I wanted to talk to these guys about diesel motors. I had always heard that you don’t want to run a diesel engine at one rpm all day and it’s a good idea to run them hard at least once a day. Also, I had a voltmeter on the starboard engine that was always measuring what seemed to be battery voltage when I had the engine off; when I had it running the meter shows a bit more voltage.

So, the answer to the first question is that I can run these engines all day at the same rpm and I don’t have to run them hard. What I should not do, is run the engines just below the rpms that the turbos kick in because this could cause the engines to go in and out of the turbo kicking in. That would be bad for the turbos. This would mean that I would not want to run engines at 2600 rpms to 2700 rpms because the turbos kick in at 2800. You got that!

The next question was answered by the other master mechanic Brent. He told me that the control panel that is on our boat is exactly the same panel that Bayliner put on their smaller boats. On our boat we can check the batteries at a main electrical panel, but the smaller boats don’t have this panel. So, on the starboard engine which its alternator that charges our house batteries the volt meter is always on, so you can read the battery power at any time. So, the starboard volt meter is always on and there are no problems.

How much did this cost me? When I paid the bill it was $57.00 as Boat Therapy.

Boat Therapy

So why did I need Boat Therapy?

Earlier on the trip traveling from Houlton to Marquette we brought the boat up to 2800 rpms to kick the turbos in. All went well till the port side engine dropped ten grand rpm in about one second. I shut the engines down and everything seemed fine, so we bought the engines up to 2800 again the turbos kicked in and ran fine for about 3 minutes than the same thing happened. The port side engine rpms dropped like a rock. This was very disturbing to me and I could not think of what was making this rpm drop when the turbos kicked in. Well, Tom had been texting his kids and his daughter Emily suggested changing the fuel filters, we changed the filters and the there is no problem with the turbos “thanks Emily”.







Other Therapies

Custom racing sailboat – lost rudder and de-keeled
Custom racing sailboat – lost rudder and de-keeled
Custom racing sailboat – lost rudder and de-keeled
Custom racing sailboat – lost rudder and de-keeled


Yacht Haven Marina Shop (one of them) – Looks like blimp hanger

Departing Washington Island

The channel leaving Washington Island is quite narrow.  As we neared the exit fishermen in small boats deliberately moved into the the channel making it almost impossible to progress forward. Mary kept the boat slowly, cautiously nudging forward.  She should have run them over.

Fishermen in channel – Channel is between the red on the left and the green on the right
Fishermen in channel



Happy Ending. Dale will not be on the next America’s most wanted. However, he needs to plan on being summoned again in October 2019.









Across Huron – more big water (not a lot to see)

De Tour Reef Light
De Tour Reef Light MR ASS  45°56.951’N 83°54.183’W


Mackinac Island


Mackinac Island – boys on buoys
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island – note the cruise ship
Mackinac Island – note the cruise ship
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island


Mackinac Island Grand Hotel
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island para sail

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping – Waiting for the Trolley to take us back to the marina.


Dock Tales

Our first Dock Tales on the Loop were hosted by two very gracious people from North Carolina,  Pat and Edit Mason on the Esther Girl.  Next time on our boat!


Poet Laurate (Tom)

Heading out from Drummond Isle
West across Huron for forty mile
Tonight we dock in another place
If you’re looking at maps it’s St Ignace
Officially on the “loop” today
On that route they plan to stay
Drummond’s Yacht Haven we were happy to find
Had mechanics with answers, helped ease our mind

If you’re in that part of the lakes I’d say
It’s worth your while to spend a day

Huron In

Huron In

Yacht Haven on Drummond Island, MI Lake Huron   0 nautical miles

46°01’31.0″ N 83°44’54.0″ W
46.025278, -83.748333
Elevation: 580 feet

Starting with the Poet Laureate (Tom)

The crew was in peril
The first mate went feral
Said make this ship sterile
She had us over a barrel
Threatened us with our suppers
Coming out of the scuppers
So we answered with yuppers

And cleaned the boat from top to bottom and we stayed put today.

Photos (from Tom)

Tom worked really hard today!  He even had time to do the dishes.

Yacht Haven Old Mechanic Shop
Yacht Haven Old Mechanic Shop
Yacht Haven Old Mechanic Shop
Yacht Haven Old Mechanic Shop

Yacht Haven Old Mechanic Shop – bent props

Today’s Agenda

Today we our staying at Yacht Harbor on Drummond Island, we are going to clean the boat and do some repairs. Every inch of the boat was incredibly dirty from the helicopter activity so close to the marina yesterday. One of the reasons for staying here is that we get a discount for being members of the AGLCA (America’s Great Loop and Cruisers Association) docking is a dollar a foot and 10% off on fuel. Another reason is Yacht Harbor has a well-known its marine repair facility.

Yacht Harbor Machine Shop

I would like to talk to a mechanic about the engines just basic questions.

Drummond Island is where a most of the people who do the loop cross into the USA. Yacht Harbor Marina has a customs kiosk.

Yacht Harbor US Customs
Yacht Harbor US Customs

and flies the yellow quarantine flag at the end of one the docks.

Quarantine Flag

The AGLCA has two conventions a year one in Alabama in the fall and one in North Folk Virginia this marina send  a person to these conventions.

The boat next to us last night was a 56 foot Carver. We talked to the owner, a great couple. They had battery trouble just a few days ago. xxx , smelled something down in the battery compartment and went to investigate.  One of the D6 batteries was was venting though the vent holes in all the caps to the battery. He had not seen anything like this before and thought he should remove one of the caps. When he did this the acid under pressure spray all over the battery compartment and his hand. As he started cleaning the acid and noticed a flap off skin hanging from his hand. The acid had burned a patch of skin off his hand. It’s an ugly looking burn.

Yacht Harbor – No kidding

No longer the biggest boat in the marina
Yacht Harbor Not Kidding – new neighbors 55 foot sail boat
Mast on neighbors 55 foot sail boat

Huron Jewel – hand made 60 foot 2 masted schooner

Huron Jewel
Huron Jewel
Huron Jewel
Huron Jewel
St Lawrence Seaway (for real)

St Lawrence Seaway (for real)

August 13, 2018 Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Yacht Haven on Drummond Island, MI    43.8 nautical miles

46°01’31.0″N 83°44’54.0″W
46.025278, -83.748333
Elevation: 580 feet

From the Marina

I get by with a little help from my friends


Hell of a Copter Training

Army Reserve Helicopters
Army Reserve Helicopters
Army Reserve Helicopters

So close to the marina their dust left our boat filthy. (We clean tomorrow)

It’s not rocket science. It’s diesel science.

Fuel filter change out.  Pretty undramatic considering.

The turbos screamed after this!  Thanks for the tip Emily Fly.


First Contact!

We met our first Loopers, Mark and Judy Divoll on the Grand Banks ‘Serenity’.  I got so excited I forgot to take a picture.


St Lawrence Seaway (and Ste. Mary’s River)

Current added about 4 nts wind took away 1 nts = 3 nts to the good at least part of the time.

Trip Map. Follow the yellow brick road. We are actually on the St. Lawrence Seaway!!!!


Canal 46.278300, -84.204563


Hard turn to port (left)- Center Chanel Marker and Range


Cruising the line  – Canadian Coast Guard


I hate spiders
St Mary’s River meets Canada’s North Channel
Mary at the helm.    This area definitely tested our abilities to read charts.  (Thanks US Power Squadron instructors!)


Almost to Drummond Island, MI   St Mary’s River meets Canada’s North Channel.

Drummond Island, MI

The neighbors (54′ Carver)

Gauntlet Thrown for new Poet Laureate Position

Yes, you are a pirate two hundred years too late
Cannons don’t thunder there’s nothin’ to plunder
You’re an over forty victim of fate
Arriving too late, arriving too late

~Todd Holmes