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What is ‘North of Highway 8’ (Wisconsin) ?

What is ‘North of Highway 8’ (Wisconsin) ?

‘North of Highway 8’ is a phrase used to describe the portion of Wisconsin North of U.S. Highway 8… and it doesn’t necessarily have the most awesome connotations. It is very rural and the locals seem to be pretty uneducated, a little slow or partly crazy. People in this region have a higher propensity for intercourse with dead deer, marrying their 2nd cousins and trash art on their front lawns. Places, people and events contribute to the around awesomeness that sets apart and distinguishes ‘North of Highway 8’.

Upon acceptance of our application to to live north of highway 8 Dale and I will become part of the fabric of this community ‘North of Highway 8’.

How it came to be

Never in a million years would I have ever imagined I would be living in single wide in retirement and liking it! But here we are living in a single wide in a 55 plus trailer park ‘North of Highway 8’.

Last September (2020) we were up visiting Dale’s good friend Dan Heller. As we were sitting in Dan’s yard enjoying an awesome view of Balsam Lake he mentioned the lady next door, at the mailbox that morning, told him she was going to sell her place. Dale finished his cold beverage, walked over, knocked on the door and bought the place. We left on our Platinum Loop a month later.

Our abode sat empty for a year waiting for us to complete the Loop. Dan kept a watchful eye over it for us. Thanks Dan.

For those of you who might think Dale’s purchase was strange, it was. We had just bought a condo in Cape Canaveral less than a month ago. (That’s a Florida Man story for another day.) And it wasn’t. A little impulsive maybe. Dale’s parents Mil and Anita, had a trailer on the south of this this same park for many wonderful years. Buying the trailer house ensured we had had a place to live when we returned from ‘The Loop’, other than imposing ourselves upon our daughter Emily. We have been living in Emily’s basement off and on for the past 4-5 years when we are in Minnesota. I’m sure it really sucks to be young and single and having your parents staying at your house. Thank you ever so much Emily for allowing us to stay there. Now and then we HAD to get off the boat.